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Can eating pork liver protect the liver?How much do you know about the top ten rumors about the liver

A few days ago, a research report published by “Liu Ye Dao” stated that hepatitis caused by the virus has become a “number one killer” who has taken away life and causing disability, and the number of dead people exceed AIDS, tuberculosis or malaria each year. This report based on relevant data based on 183 countries showed that from 1990 to 2013, the number of people with viral hepatitis caused by viral hepatitis increased by 63%, from 890,000 to 1.45 million.

Nowadays, people in life “talk about liver color changes”, and hepatitis has always troubled everyone’s life. However, many people still don’t know much about hepatitis, and even have a lot of misunderstandings in understanding. It was reported that a female student at a university suffered discrimination due to the founding of Da Sanyang, and eventually ended his young life in the way of suicide by carbon burning. At the same time that this news made many people sigh, it also attracted attention to the social problems of hepatitis discrimination.

Can patients with hepatitis cannot contact others? Can you nourish the liver? Can’t get married and have children with hepatitis? Rumors such as hepatitis are really harmful to others. In fact, hepatitis is not as terrible as expected, but more terrible is people’s ignorance and misunderstanding.


Look! These ten rumors are all ignorant calamities

Rumor 1: Patients cannot contact others

The World Health Organization’s official website has a very clear conclusion on this- “Hepatitis infection does not pass the following channels: common tableware, breastfeeding, hug, kissing, shaking hands, coughing, sneezing, or playing or similar behavior in public swimming pools.” As long as hepatitis patients are separated from others in daily life, toothbrushes, shaver and other supplies are separated from others. Women with hepatitis pay attention to menstrual hygiene, and hepatitis will not be transmitted to others.

Rumor 2: Adults do not need to vaccinate vaccine

Hepatitis who is highly dangerous in hepatitis B virus infection should be vaccinated with hepatitis. This mainly includes: close contact with newborns, infants and preschool children, medical staff, patients with hepatitis, and hepatitis B surface antigen, sexual partners and spouses, newly enlisted soldiers, conservation personnel, athletes, etc.

Rumor 3: Liver preservation medicine is more good

Patients with chronic hepatitis often eat a lot of so -called “liver medicine” and liver care products, which are not necessarily beneficial to the liver. Because the dose is too large, the variety is too large or the course of treatment is too long, only the metabolism of the liver can induce danger.

Rumor 4: Eating liver can nourish the liver

The liver is the largest detoxification organ in human and animals. Especially the various toxins in animals must be treated by the liver and excreted. Therefore, most of the animal liver purchased from the market is mostly hidden in various toxins. Patients with hepatitis are difficult to break down these toxins in time due to damage to liver function, which will aggravate the burden on the liver and affect the recovery of liver disease.

Rumor 5: Patients with hepatitis cannot get married and have children

“Hepatitis can be inherited”, which is also a major misunderstanding of many people. In fact, hepatitis is infectious diseases rather than hereditary diseases. Male carriers are basically not affected. The well -known big star Andy Lau is a carriers of hepatitis B virus. After marriage, he has a lot of money, which also shows that hepatitis parents can have healthy babies. For women carriers, if maternal and baby blocking technology is performed, more than 95%can give birth to healthy babies. Even patients can control the condition by treating the condition, marrying and giving birth with the liver function stable and the virus is not copied.

Rumor 6: Liver disease is equivalent to liver cancer

If hepatitis is not treated in time, the possibility of deterioration is very high, and it will eventually evolve into liver cancer, but this does not mean that all hepatitis will develop liver cancer. Patients should be soberly realized that hepatitis, like many chronic diseases, is a chronic, long -term and progressive disease. For most patients, the goal of the current medical level is not cured, but the pursuit of the greatest extent. Control the condition and minimize the impact of hepatitis on the life and life of patients.

Rumor seven: Xiao Sanyang is lighter than Da Sanyang’s condition

Many patients and even specialized medical staff of hepatic diseases generally have a kind of understanding, that is, it is believed that the “little three Yang” is good and the “big three Yang” is not good. No need to treat. This idea is very wrong. In fact, the severity of the condition has no corresponding relationship with the “Sanyang”. Because according to the situation of “Sanyang” and “Little Sanyang”, the condition cannot be accurately judged, but it depends on whether other related testing indicators such as liver function are normal.

Rumor 8: Exercise can prevent hepatitis

The pathogenesis of viral hepatitis is not yet clear. Exercise cannot prevent hepatitis, but people who have liver disease should pay attention to rest. It is not recommended to perform high -intensity physical exercise.

Although exercise is good for controlling fatty liver, we should first find out whether there are fatty liver, because some county -level hospital B -ultrasound equipment is old, showing that it is not accurate enough, resulting in some patients. The liver is fine. It is generally determined whether to suffer from fatty liver, and check blood lipids, B -ultrasound, liver function and biopsy. Therefore, in the treatment of fatty liver, not only should exercise control blood lipids, but also a reasonable diet to treat drug treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

Rumor 9: Eating garlic can prevent hepatitis

Many people think that garlic can antibacterial and antiviral, so they use garlic to prevent hepatitis, and some people even eat garlic every day after hepatitis. In fact, eating garlic prevention of hepatitis is not based on evidence. Frequent eating garlic may have a certain effect on reducing blood lipids. However, this approach is extremely detrimental to patients with hepatitis because garlic has no effect on hepatitis virus. On the contrary, some ingredients of garlic have stimulating effects on the stomach, intestine, and can inhibit the secretion of intestinal digestive juice, affect food digestion, and increase the nausea of ​​patients with hepatitis. In addition, the volatile ingredients of garlic can reduce red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood, and may cause anemia, which is not conducive to the treatment of hepatitis. Rumor 10: If there is no pain in the liver area, you will not suffer from liver disease

Many people feel that suffering from fatty liver and itching, and it takes a long time to develop into fat hepatitis, so it does not pay much attention. In fact, once the fatty liver is diagnosed, if you have accurate examination such as puncture, you may find that the liver has certain inflammation or fiber. Therefore, there is no obvious boundary between fatty liver and fatty hepatitis. Therefore, experts recommend that once they suffer from fatty liver, they need to intervene immediately and do not delay.

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