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Can exercise be healthy?Women exercise like this, cautiously cause gynecological diseases

Exercise is good for physical and mental health. There are people in the circle of friends every day, and the number of photos of exercise is taken. Seeing that everyone is actively exercising and fitness, have you started to be excited? However, before starting your sports plan, we need to remind you: Do not be blind in exercise. If the exercise is wrong, it may affect health. Especially female friends, if they exercise properly, they may cause gynecological diseases.

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1. Super load exercise

Some investigations have found that a large part of women with a large amount of exercise have menstrual abnormalities, such as irregular menstruation and secondary amenorrhea. Adolescent women’s excessive exercise may cause hymen to tear, and long -term overload movements can easily lead to gynecological problems such as uterine prolapse. Therefore, you must maintain the amount of exercise that suits you during exercise. If you just start exercising, you must step by step. Do not think about “one step in place” in order to catch up with your friends, let alone exercise crazy for the circle of friends.


2. Select the wrong exercise method

Some exercise methods are likely to cause female vulva, such as riding a bicycle. If the car seat is not appropriate and the exercise time is too long, the vulva is rubbed for a long time and the car seat friction, it will easily cause the vulva congestion. In severe cases, it will even hurt the vagina and urethra. If it causes infection, it may even hurt the pelvic cavity.

3. Unhygienic in sports venues

This threat is mainly from the swimming pool. Many female friends like to swim in the summer, but if the sanitation of the swimming pool is not good, vaginal infections are prone to occur.

4. Menstrual strenuous exercise

Most women stop exercising during menstruation, or at least the strenuous exercise, but a few people are confident in their bodies and feel that they have no symptoms of discomfort during menstruation, so menstrual period also maintains high -intensity exercise. However, women participating in too severe exercise during menstruation may cause menstrual blood reverse, so that the chips of the endometrium may stay on the ovaries, forming ovarian chocolate cysts, resulting in dysmenorrhea, and severe cases may cause infertility.

5. Do not exercise

Since the exercise will be sick, I will simply not exercise. Not exercise or insufficient exercise is the status quo of many professional women in modern times. They often need to sit still for a long time because of work. If they do not exercise, the blood of the pelvic cavity is not smooth for a long time, and pelvic congestion will occur slowly, so that local resistance will cause local resistance to local resistance. The disease ability decreases, which causes pelvic inflammation.

Therefore, it is recommended that the majority of female friends, to exercise, to do the right exercise, choose the exercise that suits them, and formulate the corresponding exercise plan. Do not blindly pursue exercise intensity, and reduce the amount of exercise and exercise time during menstruation.

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