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Can fatty liver be cured?Five major therapies can try!

In daily life, fatty liver is a very common liver disease. The quality of modern life is becoming increasingly higher, and the nutrition of people’s diet has become better and better, resulting in an increasingly significant growth trend in fatty liver.

Fatty liver caused very much harm to physical health. If it is allowed to develop, fatty liver will further lead to liver fibrosis, and eventually liver cirrhosis will occur. Therefore, patients with fatty liver must take treatment measures as soon as possible. So how to treat fatty liver? These five methods are treating for fatty liver treatment!

1. Adjust diet to treat fatty liver

The diet structure must be adjusted reasonably, and the dietary principles must be high -dimensional vitamin, low sugar, high protein and low -fat diet. It is best to eat less fat and sweets in animals. Eat more fresh green vegetables, fruits and foods containing very rich cellulose. In addition, bean products, river fish, lean meat and other high -protein, so this kind of food is also eaten as little as possible. What needs to be reminded here is the snack before bedtime snacks. Try to avoid eating. In general, try to eat as much as possible before going to bed.

2. Advanced therapy to treat fatty liver

Fatty liver is mainly caused by the accumulation of too much fat in the liver. Therefore, patients with fatty liver can be used to treat fatty liver through advanced therapy. For example The therapy can make the liver structure a relatively large change, restore the liver function to normal, and remove all the excess fat in the liver. Therefore, the use of advanced therapy is the preferred plan for fatty liver therapy.

3. Exercise and treat fatty liver

You can exercise appropriately and can better accelerate the metabolism of fat. For example, you can choose medium -strength aerobic exercise, including mid -speed walking, such as 120 steps per minute. And dancing can also have a good effect for patients with fatty liver. It can be determined according to each person’s physical condition and condition. It is suitable to choose several of them.

4. TCM therapy to treat fatty liver

At present, the long -term conditioning of traditional Chinese medicine is very ideal for treating fatty liver. It is best to choose Shouwu and hawthorn in Chinese medicine. The deposits in the liver can be further avoided.

5. The method of deprivation of the cause of the treatment of fatty liver

The causes of each patient are different. Different treatment methods are developed according to the different causes of each patient. For example, a large number of drinking people should quit alcohol in time; , Allow the body to restore the normal state; diabetes with fatty liver must be reasonably controlled by blood glucose indicators; for patients with malnutrition fatty liver, they must increase nutrition in their diet. content.

Most people have a misunderstanding of fatty liver, thinking that fatty liver does not need to be treated at all. This idea of ​​patients is actually very wrong. In real life, patients with fatty liver have further evolved into liver cirrhosis. When fatty liver is severe, liver function will also be greatly affected. Therefore, we must prevent fatty liver as soon as possible. If you find fatty liver, you must go to a regular hospital for treatment in time.

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