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Can hepatitis B virus be cleared by itself?Doctor: There are two main methods for removing hepatitis B virus

Reader letter:

About ten years ago, I was diagnosed with chronic viral hepatitis. After a few months of treatment, I didn’t take medicine anymore after the condition was stable, until now.

Later, I got married and had children like ordinary people. Now there are 2 children. The big one is 10 years and the younger one is 5 years old. I took them to hepatitis B vaccine as soon as the two children were born, but I was worried that they would have a body in the future.What are the problems, I don’t know how to avoid it.My body shape is also thin. I wonder if it is related to hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B, that is, type B viral hepatitis, is a infectious disease caused by hepatitis B virus (HBV).Many people mistakenly believe that when he hepatitis B was infectious disease, he thought that eating with patients with hepatitis B was also transmitted, hugs and infection … a lot of misunderstandings were produced.Today, let’s take a look at hepatitis B.



There are about 70 million hepatitis B virus carriers in China

my country was a great country B. The epidemic data in 1992 showed that the infection rate of hepatitis B virus in my country was as high as 60%, and there were about 120 million carriers of hepatitis B virus.With the vigorous implementation of policies such as hepatitis B vaccination, the infection rate of infection has gradually declined.

The latest data show that there are about 70 million people with hepatitis B virus infection in my country. About 20 million to 30 million people need treatment, of which the infection rate of hepatitis B virus under 5 years of age has dropped to less than 1%.However, 90%of the people who need hepatitis B virus infection who need to be treated are still not regulated.

In general, the main cause of the low diagnosis rate and low treatment rate of hepatitis B is that they have insufficient understanding of hepatitis B. The patient feels that there is no symptoms if there is no need to treat.Essence

“Why do I get hepatitis B?” This is a question that many patients with hepatitis B have always figured out. Maybe, a behavior that you are commonplace in daily life may be infected with hepatitis B virus.

There are 5 common causes of hepatitis B virus:

1. Family infection. Studies have found that no less than 50%of family clustering hepatitis B is transmitted through maternal and infants. The secondary reason is the level of close contact with daily life among family members, such as maternal and infant transmission, maternal and infant transmission,Husbands and wives spread, horizontal communication, etc.

2. Abuse of drugs and use non -prescription drugs such as anti -heat -relieving analgesic drugs or oral hypoglycemic drugs or liver preservation drugs may cause damage to the liver.

3. Excessive fatigue, often staying up late, leads to overload of the liver, cannot normalize the toxic substances in the body, causing toxins to accumulate and damage the liver.

4. Unhealthy eating habits, often eating greasy, fried, spicy, and mildew foods, aggravate gastrointestinal burden, and seduce hepatitis.

5. Frequent alcoholism, alcohol oxidation in the liver, will form a acetaldehyde of harmful substances and damage the liver.

Can hepatitis B virus be cleared by itself?

Is it always a patient with hepatitis B virus?In fact, there are some “lucky” hepatitis B patients who can escape, which is the “self -healing” we said.

Why does this happen?It turned out that hepatitis B also had spontaneous serum virus and immunity.A group of follow-up data ranging from 1-10 years shows that 15%of children, 23%of young people, and 27%of middle-aged and elderly patients have spontaneous clearance of hepatitis B virus.

Hepatitis B virus self -clearing is mainly through two methods: natural recovery and immune enhancement. However, the chance of this situation is very small. Most patients with hepatitis B still need to remove the virus through antiviral treatment.

When treating antiviral treatment, it should be noted: First, fully communicate with doctors, comprehensively consider the most suitable treatment plan for their own condition, the indications of the drug, the efficacy of drugs, and the incidence of drug resistance.

Second, you cannot stop or change the medicine at will, so as to avoid acute aggravation of hepatitis and affect the treatment effect.Third, regular review, detection of liver function, evaluating the treatment effect, and monitoring of drug -resistant mutation in order to take measures in time.

I don’t want hepatitis B to become liver cancer. It is best not to eat these 3 kinds of food

Data show that patients with liver cancer in my country account for about 55%of the world. Among them, hepatitis B virus infection is an important cause of liver cancer.It is reported that the risk of liver cancer infected with hepatitis B virus infection is 5-100 times that of ordinary people.

From hepatitis B to liver cancer, you only need to go through three steps: hepatitis B → liver cirrhosis → liver cancer.However, not all people infected with hepatitis B virus will eventually develop into liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Only when hepatitis B recurred, immunity decreases, and gene mutations can easily develop liver sclerosis and liver cancer.

Therefore, in order to prevent hepatitis B into liver cancer, we must learn to actively prevent it. First of all, start with changing bad eating habits, eat less or not eat high -fat, high -temperature barbecue, mildew foods, etc.

High -fat foods are not easy to digest and absorb, easily lead to adverse fat diarrhea, and easily breed carcinogens, which is not good for liver health.After the grilled barbecue food is grilled, it will cover a lot of ash on the surface, which can easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort, and the liver metabolism and detoxification function of hepatitis B patients are not good. Eating barbecue food will only cause greater stimulation to the liver, soThe condition is worse.

Mold -changing foods such as moldy grain, peanuts, and beans all contain superb luminylinylin toxin. Yvectal toxin is an important synergistic cancer factor for hepatitis B virus infection, which can increase the risk of liver cancer.

Not only should you learn to prevent hepatitis B in your diet, but also to take defense measures when using a needle to avoid hepatitis B virus through blood transmission; carry out safe sexual behavior and use condoms correctly; maintain good sanitary habits, avoid shaving toothbrushes, shaving, shavingSudden daily necessities such as swords; adhere to moderate exercise, improve the body’s immunity.The most important thing is to vaccinate hepatitis B vaccine, which is the most economical and effective measure to prevent hepatitis B.Although hepatitis B is a infectious disease, it is not incurable, it is preventable and controllable.As long as we increase our understanding of hepatitis B and actively grasp prevention measures, we can occupy the upper hand and reduce the risk of hepatitis B and liver cancer.

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