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Can hepatitis can use Rennoic rhinitis spray?

Renault rhinitis spray refers to the nasal spray of Putidal. Hepatitis is not recommended to use the naste nasal spray agent.

Budenad nasal spray is a long -acting glucocorticoid drug.It can be used to treat allergic rhinitis, symptomatic treatment of nasal polyps, etc., and can also prevent recurrence and vascular diahistic rhinitis after nasal polyps.However, long -term use may cause a certain stimulating effect on the nasal mucosa, causing local adverse reactions such as perforation and nasal hemorrhage.If patients with hepatitis may increase the condition for a long time, it is not recommended to use it.If children’s patients are used for more than three months, they can be monitored and changing regularly. When used for a long time, they may cause children to grow and develop slowly. Therefore, they should be evaluated correctly after using the disease.

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