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Can honey also improve sexual function?Have you ever eaten these foods?

Increasing sexual ability is the desire of many young and middle -aged men. Some people choose to take aphrodisiac, some people choose fitness exercises, and some people can eat food to improve their sexual ability. Among them, the method of dietary therapy is the simplest, and it is safer than taking aphrodisiac medicine. What foods are helpful to improve male sexual function?

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Foods that improve male sexual function

1. Songzi

Pine nuts have the effects of aphrodisiac, nourishing blood, nourishing blood, moisturizing the lungs and cough, and sliding intestines. Pine nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, high -quality proteins, multiple vitamins and trace elements. Frequent edible pine nuts can help improve immunity, and can delay aging, reduce wrinkles, and enhance sexual function. Especially those who have symptoms such as loss of appetite, fatigue, nocturnal emission, nocturnal emission, night sweats, dreams of insomnia, lack of erectile strength have better curative effect.

2. Walnut

Walnut also has a good aphrodisiac effect. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that walnuts have the effect of nourishing the kidneys and health, and have good effects in medicinal and consumption.

3. loach

Loach is rich in high -quality protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin B1, tobaccoic acid, iron, phosphorus, calcium and other substances. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that loach has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing the kidney. Studies have also found that a special protein contained in loach can promote sperm formation and has a good effect on regulating sexual function. Adult men often eat loach to nourish and strengthen their bodies.

4. Shrimp

Shrimp meat is not only delicious, but also has high edible and medicinal effects. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that shrimp tastes sweet, salty, warm, and has the effects of aphrodisiac, kidney, replenishing, and milk. Frequently use shrimp meat, which has the effect of strengthening the body. However, some people with allergies should not be eaten in large quantities.

5. Oyster

Oysters contain a variety of traces required by the human body, such as zinc, iron, phosphorus, calcium, etc., and also contain high -quality protein, sugar and various vitamins. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that oysters have the effect of nourishing yin and inspiring yang and nourishing kidney astringent essence. Using oysters often helps improve the quality of sexual function and sperm, and has a good improvement of nocturnal emission, deficiency of labor, kidney deficiency and impotence.

6. Natural honey

The endocrine contained in natural honey is similar to human pituitary hormones, which can improve biological activity of gland. The sugar in natural honey is easily absorbed by the human body, which has a good promotion effect on the formation of sperm.

Natural honey is also particular about eating. Generally, it can be eaten 1 to 1.5 hours before meal or 2 to 3 hours after meal. It is also a good choice to drink a cup of honey water on an empty stomach in the morning, and it can also play a role in promoting bowel movements.

7, leek

Leek tastes delicious and nutritious. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that leeks have the effects of warming liver and kidney, helping yang solidarity, and leek seeds also have the effects of solid essence, yang, kidney nourishing kidney, cure belt, warm waist and knees, etc., and have good sexual dysfunction such as impotence, nocturnal emission, and urine. Auxiliary treatment.

8. Tomato

Tomatoes are rich in trace elements, such as potassium and iron, and also contain biological active substances such as vitamin A, vitamin C and lycopene. Elin elinoma has the effect of removing free radicals and is a good antioxidant. In addition to anticancer effects, sperm quality can be improved.

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9. Banana

Bananas are rich in potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B6. Potassium is an essential element for maintaining human life characteristics such as heart rate and blood pressure; magnesium and vitamin B6 can help maintain the vitality of red blood cells and enhance human immunity. Therefore, men can add bananas as one of the ingredients in breakfast.

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