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Can I drink chicken soup after the flow of people?

You can drink chicken soup after the flow of people.

After the flow of people, the body is weak, and a large amount of nutrition is needed to supplement the loss of nutrition.Chicken soup contains the amino acids required by the human body, which can speed up the recovery after surgery.In addition, chicken contains animal protein, which can play a role in supplementing blood and play a better role in the recovery of patients after abortion.Although you can eat it, pay attention to the right amount.You can choose to drink astragalus as an angelica stew soup, which is good for qi and nourishing blood and blood circulation.Or wolfberry mulberry stewed chicken soup, nourish the liver and kidney, nourish essence and blood.

It is recommended to prohibit sexual life and pots after people.During this period, you need to observe the vaginal bleeding, try not to eat spicy and irritating foods, increase nutrition, eat more meat and eggs, and maintain local hygiene.

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