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Can I drink lemonade for a cold and cough?

Cold cough can drink lemonade, but not too much.The vitamin C content in lemonade is very high. Drinking lemonade during cough can supplement vitamin C in the body, help the human body to enhance resistance, resist foreign viruses, bacteria, and promote cough cure.However, if there is symptoms of gastric discomfort, it is not recommended to drink lemonade, because lemonade is particularly acidic, it will cause a certain stimulating effect on the gastric mucosa, and it may increase the symptoms of gastric discomfort.

There are two cases of cough after a cold. First, cold cough and bacterial infection, atypical pathogen infection or lower respiratory infection pneumonia. Patients in clinical patients need to regularly treat anti -infective treatment.Pathogenic drugs, such as Flipinoone, norfloxacin and eloflflifluentine.After general anti -infection treatment, patients cough will be improved.Second, after the virus infection, the airway is in a highly sensitive response and is easy to cough. This is a high reactivity of the airway. Under the guidance of a doctor, you can use town cough drugs, such as compound metharocol.The high -reactive cough drugs, in addition to the Suhuang cough capsule, right Michafin, etc. can be used.Clinical cough is caused by pneumonia. In addition to anti -inflammatory drugs, it can also be used for expectorant drugs. Coughing will improve after sputum discharge.

In addition to drinking plenty of lemonade during a cold, you should also eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. It is rich in vitamin C, such as apples, bananas, oranges, oranges and cantaloupe.It is rich in vitamins and minerals, which can improve the body’s immunity and resistance, and help the recovery of a cold and cough.And eat more high -protein foods, such as beef, lean meat and eggs, to increase patient nutrition and improve physical fitness.Generally through treatment, taking cold medicines at the same time, colds and cough can be relieved.After a cold, patients pay attention to the light diet, drink plenty of water to avoid eating irritating and greasy food.

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