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Can I drink lemonade?

You can drink lemonade.In particular, you can drink some lemonade with honey, because lemonade can promote the digestion of the stomach and the secretion of gastric acid, which is more conducive to the digestion and absorption of food.Honey can relieve gastrointestinal discomfort to some extent.In addition, lemon is also rich in vitamin C. Appropriate drinking can supplement the amount of vitamins required by the human body.

It is recommended to fast when diarrhea.The water -like diarrhea needs to be temporarily fasting, so that the intestines can be fully rest.If necessary, intravenous infusion to prevent dehydration due to excessive water loss.A light liquid diet is also required: For those who do not need empty stomachs, a light liquid diet, such as protein water, fruit juice, rice soup, thin noodle soup, etc., mainly salty.It is recommended not to drink milk, sucrose, etc. in the early days.Some patients do not adapt to milk. After taking milk, diarrhea often worsen and use it with caution.Adjust the diet according to the condition: reduce the number of bowel movements, change to a low -fat liquid diet after the symptoms are relieved, or low -fat, slag, soft, digestible semi -current diet, such as rice porridge, ravioli, rotten noodles, noodles, etc.Dietary choice: After diarrhea basically stops, a semi -current diet or soft food can be supplied to low -fat and small residue.Eating a few more meals can help digestion, such as noodles, porridge, steamed buns, soft rice, lean mud, etc.Vegetables and fruits with more crude fiber should still be restricted appropriately, and gradually transition to ordinary food in the future.Supplement vitamin: Pay attention to replenish composite vitamin B and vitamin C, such as fresh orange juice, fruit juice, tomato juice, vegetable soup, etc.Diet taboos: banned wine, fat, hard and rich in crude fiber -rich vegetables, cold fruits, greasy snacks and cold drinks.

Renal diarrhea can take probiotics, such as bisidobacterium, bread yeast, etc., which can adjust the intestinal flora and relieve diarrhea.Or cooperate with Mongolian Stone Sanda.Severe diarrhea patients can easily lead to electrolyte disorders and acid -base imbalances when dehydrating. A large amount of water is required or hydraulic treatment.

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