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Can I get a new crown vaccine if I have a cold without a fever?

If you have a cold, you cannot get a new crown vaccine without a fever.

New crown infection vaccine refers to the new coronary virus vaccine.The new coronary virus is a vaccine for the new coronary virus.On January 24, 2020, the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention was successfully separated from the first new coronary virus in China.If you have a cold, you cannot get a new crown vaccine without a fever.Because the human body’s immunity decreases during a cold, the new crown vaccine itself is an activated virus, injected into the human body, so that the human body produces its own antibodies to prevent diseases.When the human body’s immunity decreases, the probability of antibodies will be reduced, and the effect of vaccination will not meet expectations.On the contrary, side effects may increase accordingly.Therefore, it is best to wait until the symptoms of a cold disappear and recover before vaccinated the new crown vaccine.At this time, the human body’s immunity is relatively strong, the probability of the antibody will increase accordingly, and the vaccination effect will be better.

Precautions for vaccination when vaccination: First of all, you need to ensure your health when you get the new crown infection.If you have a fever or a cold, try to vaccinate after a week of cure.Secondly, pay attention to the cleanliness of the vaccination site.After vaccination with a new crown infection, local redness and swelling may occur, and some patients may be accompanied by pain.So try not to scratch with dirty hands.You can choose to use a hot towel to gently compress it to improve.Do not take a bath on the day of vaccination.To prevent physical discomfort caused by bathing with cooling or infection, avoid eating spicy or greasy foods in the diet, mainly liquid and warm food.After the new crown infection is vaccinated, it should stay at the injection site for 30 minutes.Do not take a bath within 24 hours to avoid infection of the injection site due to water.On the day of injection of the new crown infection, pay attention to rest, ensure sleep, and avoid strenuous exercise, but general daily activities are not affected.

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