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Can I still get pregnant with ovarian cysts?

Whether the ovarian cyst can be pregnant depends on the nature of ovarian cysts.

Ovarian cysts are common gynecological diseases for women.Many women of childbearing age have found ovarian cysts.Whether the ovarian cyst can be pregnant depends on the nature of ovarian cysts.As follows: First, many female ovarian cysts are physiological cysts and appear in the second half of menstruation.After 2-3 cycles of re-examination, when the menstruation came, an ultrasound examination was performed, and ovarian cysts tended to shrink or even disappear.This situation belongs to ovarian physiological cysts and can be pregnant normally.Second, ovarian endometriosis cysts, ovarian endometrium ectopic cysts may cause female infertility.Therefore, if it is an ovarian endometriosis, it should be fully evaluated before deciding whether to conceive.If it is an ovarian endometrium ectopic small cyst, no obvious clinical symptoms such as dysmenorrhea are not caused, you can try to get pregnant first.Most of them are okay; when the ovarian endometrium is more abnormal cysts, or once it is ruptured, it causes pelvic adhesion and often leads to infertility. When the ovarian endometrium ectopic cyst is large, once pregnancy may break.Therefore, when an ovarian endometrium abnormal cyst is greater than 5cm, a comprehensive assessment should be performed, including the age and fertility status of the woman to decide whether to get pregnant.

If the diameter of the ovarian cyst is less than 5cm and there is no special discomfort, the tumor logo CA125, CA19-9, CEA, and AFP are in normal range.In this case, the gynecological ultrasound can be reviewed after menstruation.For ovarian cysts with a diameter of more than 5cm and continuous gynecological ultrasound, surgical treatment should be considered.Ovarian cyst surgery includes: laparoscopic ovarian cyst removal of laparoscopic ovarian cysts or open ovarian cyst removal of women with fertility requirements or unbeatable women.After menopause, women may consider the possibility of malignant tumors and need laparoscopic ovarian dehumidification or abdominal cutting.

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