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Can I take sleeping pills overnight?

Insomnia is not a patent for young people! According to statistics, more than half of the elderly in the age of 65 have sleep problems, but most of them refuse to diagnose the correct diagnosis and treatment. Doctors remind that the physical fitness of the elderly is generally weak, and there are chronic diseases, and their physical compensation is poor, causing dizziness, consciousness, and accidental fall. Take sleeping pills and die suddenly during sleep.

Generally speaking, the elderly may have excessive abuse of sleeping for sleeping pills, causing drug resistance or dependence. Sleeping pills are prescribed medication. They must be diagnosed with a doctor before they can be pressed. Once the elderly increase the amount of medication due to drug resistance and dependence, or sleep without eating As a result, the results often occur during daytime drowsiness, weakness, mental slump, decreased attention, memory loss, etc., and increase the burden of diseases such as liver, kidney, cardiovascular disease, and even increase risk of death.

Small common sense of old people taking sleeping pills

1. Alcohol and sleeping pills also have the effect of inhibiting the central nervous system. The public should avoid using at the same time to avoid aggravating the efficacy and harming the central nervous system. The next day, it will appear obviously uncomfortable.

2. The role of sleeping pills is divided into fast and slow. Before taking, you should ask the physician or pharmacist, and go to bed immediately during the sleeping effect of the drug, so as not to cause amnesia due to the calm effect of the drug when you sleep.

3. Sleeping pills have long, medium, and short half. Due to the poor metabolic ability of the elderly, it is usually not suitable for long -acting drugs to avoid too long. Increased concentration and leading to poisoning.

4. If the muscle weakness occurs after taking sleeping pills, there may be dizziness, unstable walking, and falling.

5. Sleeping pills are mainly caused by the transformation of the liver and metabolized through the kidneys. Therefore, people with heart, liver and kidney disorders should not be taken.

6. It’s better to sleep well. After taking sleeping pills, if you wake up, your mind is clear and mentally good, it is normal, and you don’t need to emphasize how much time you must sleep.

7. Due to the different insomnia type and physical condition of each person, patients should avoid taking the sleeping pills of others at will to avoid the side effects of drugs.

8. After taking sleeping pills, if there is a uncomfortable situation, you should consult the doctor as soon as possible.

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