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Can I treat impotence caused by hypertension?

Impotence caused by hypertension can be treated.Emotional medicines for long -term antihypertensive drugs can be relieved by daily care, drug treatment, dietary and medicinal diet.

1. Daily care: After typical side effects appear, you should not continue to take it, and the antihypertensive drug should be replaced immediately.The man establishes self -confidence and overcomes pessimism. The woman encourages and comforts, which will help quickly improve impotence.Usually smoking and alcohol, eat less cold, greasy, spicy, irritating food.Also exercise in moderation to enhance physical fitness.2. Drug treatment: You can take drugs such as sparse liver Yiyang capsules for treatment, which helps improve this symptom.Dry liver Yiyang capsules have good effects of relieving liver relief, promoting blood circulation and nourishing the kidney.This product is suitable for the treatment of diseases such as impotence, chest tightness, thin tongue coating, pulse strings, or strings such as impotence, chest tightness, thin tongue coating, pulse string or string fines.Dry liver Yiyang capsules are Chinese medicine preparations, and adverse reactions are not clear, but they should be avoided in the process of treatment with other drugs.Pay attention to patients with hemorrhagic diseases with caution and stop using during a cold.In addition, during the treatment of liver Yiyang capsules, physical exercise is needed, immunity, promoting blood circulation, avoiding bad living habits, paying attention to a balanced diet, maintaining a good mentality, and ensuring sufficient sleep.3. Diet and medicated diet: Chorium seeds are used with japonica rice and fine salt to cook porridge.Or use Cistanche and rice to cook porridge.You can also have a good effect on impotence.

Hypertension is not cured. It can only stabilize blood pressure from drugs. The antihypertensive drugs generally include the horizon and Katapley.Improving the yang can also eat some dog meat, mutton, leeks, loach, etc. People with high blood pressure usually take low salt and low -fat foods as much as possible, exercise properly, and maintain good living habits.

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