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Can I vaccinate the flu vaccine when I am pregnant?is it safe?When will it be vaccinated?

Last year, Australia experienced a severe influenza season, and more than 250,000 people were infected with influenza, and pregnant women, as a high -risk group, are more vulnerable to influenza than the general population.Vaccination is a protective means to protect pregnant women from influenza during pregnancy, but for various reasons, the vaccination rate of influenza vaccines in groups during pregnancy is not ideal.

Data show that about half of the pregnant women in Australia have vaccinated the flu vaccine. In addition, some people are worried that at the population level, only 25%of the general population in vaccination for seasonal influenza vaccines may not be enough to protect disadvantaged groups such as pregnant women and children from exempting.Infection of influenza virus.

Many women do not vaccinate flu vaccines during pregnancy, because they think that flu is not a serious disease, and concerns about vaccine safety may be provided by health experts.Influenza viruses can easily spread among the global population, and it is difficult to control it. It is not like a cold. Seasonal influenza is often a serious disease. According to WHO data, there are 3 million to 5 million severe flu in the world every year.Cases appear, and 290,000 people in the world die every year due to influenza infection.

Infected people can often spread viruses to others by coughing and sneezing, and this is also the most common way of flu virus diffusion. People will also infected flu by contacting droplets containing viruses.Influenza can cause severe complications in pregnant women and fetuses, and it is also related to the death of pregnant women. At the same time, babies may also be premature or weighed.Researchers need to notice complications caused by influenza virus infections among healthy pregnant women. Compared with the general population, pregnant women may be more likely to be hospitalized or conduct severe custody due to influenza.

What is the health benefit of influenza vaccine during pregnancy?

1. The vaccine can protect the infection of pregnant women and their fetus resisting influenza viruses. The effectiveness of inoculation of influenza vaccine depends on multiple factors, including whether the vaccine that year matches the seasonal influenza virus.Some researchers have found through research that people who vaccinate vaccines and continue to contact viruses seem unlikely to have severe complications of diseases. At present, researchers are developing a more extensive influenza vaccine. At the same time, such vaccines also alsoThere is no need to vaccinate every influenza season, but from the current point of view, seasonal influenza vaccines can provide the best protection of pregnant women and their fetus.

2. After the flu vaccine, it can provide a protection effect for babies in the first few months of birth. Compared with babies born in pregnant women who vaccinated vaccines, infants in less than 6 months of infants will increase the risk of respiratory diseases;Babies could not inoculate the flu vaccine until 6 months old, and this time was a very susceptible period for it.When pregnant women vaccinated vaccines in the third trimester, they can transmit maternal antibodies to infants through the placenta, thereby helping infants resist the infection of influenza virus in the first few months of birth.

3. Influenza vaccine can also help the body to resist pertussis. Recent research shows that women who vaccinate vaccines seem to be less likely to suffer from pertussis during their pregnancy.

What is the safety of vaccination during pregnancy?

In order to evaluate the safety of influenza vaccines, researchers compared many pregnancy results of women who did not take vaccination and vaccinated vaccines, including abortion, premature birth, death, congenital malformations, and infant weight.The results show that vaccination during pregnancy is very safe, and more and more research evidence shows that vaccination during pregnancy can effectively reduce the risk of premature and dead for pregnant women, while improving the baby’s birth weight.

A traditional saying believes that influenza vaccines will cause us to suffer from influenza. The vaccine in Australia does not contain or viruses, so it seems impossible to infect influenza viruses by vaccination.The body’s immune system can effectively identify the flu virus and produce special antibodies to resist influenza. In some individuals, these immune reactions sometimes make them feel uncomfortable, and they may usually cause some slight symptoms, such as swelling and pain in the vaccination site., Rasal and so on.

When is pregnancy, when is the most suitable flu vaccine?

Australia’s national immunization plan is a free vaccine vaccine for all pregnant women. Women can pick up flu vaccines at any time during pregnancy, but it should be noted that if you are vaccinated in the early pregnancy in the early pregnancy, then 2018 can also be possibleInocular vaccination can protect the influence of pregnant women and babies from the current popular influenza virus.

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What should I do if there are influenza -like symptoms?

If you are pregnant and have influenza -like symptoms, such as fever, soreness, cough and headache, etc., it is best to find a doctor for treatment in time. Even if you have vaccinated the flu vaccine, you should ask the doctor in timeThe specific situation is prescribed for some drugs that can be taken during pregnancy to relieve the symptoms of the disease. If the symptoms begin to be treated at the beginning, the treatment effect is often the best.

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