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Can I wear the panties?Unexpectedly

Yesterday, my friend suddenly asked me: My underwear stall is always yellow. Is there any disease?

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After solving her doubts, Xiao Jiu Ling flashed and decided to write an article for the reasons and consequences of the yellowing of the panties.

Why is the underwear stall yellow?

1. Urine residue: Human urine may show weak acidity, neutral or weak alkaline. Because the human excreta and secretions are mixed, it is generally yellow. If a female friend does not wipe the private part with a paper towel after going to the toilet, or if it is not cleaned, the underwear is contaminated by urine daily, and it will become yellow. Most men only throw it away, which is more prone to urine residue.

2. Gynecological inflammation: gynecological inflammation may lead to an increase in leucorrhea. If the private parts are found to be secreted by and are yellow water -like liquids, female friends should be alert to private diseases.

3. Pollution of menstrual blood: If the underwear that is soaked by menstrual blood is not cleaned, yellow stains may be left. The more insurance method is to soak in the underwear for about 15 minutes and then wash it with your hands.

4. Material of the underwear: Generally speaking, the hygroscopic and breathability of the nylon -based underwear are not very good. After a long time, the fiber aging is prone to yellowing. Essence

Is there a problem with long -term yellow panties?

Since the underwear will get yellow, does that mean that there is no problem with yellow panties? No. Most of the vaginal secretions are composed of protein, and protein is a breedingbed of bacteria. Even if it is cleaned and drying the underwear correctly every day, it is difficult to ensure that the residual bacteria who completely kill the crotch. Women are always wearing yellow panties, which can easily cause vaginitis Waiting for gynecology

Therefore, both men and women should use water to clean the lower body every day, and at the same time wash the underwear frequently. It is recommended to change a batch of underwear every six months without giving yellow panties to harm the opportunity of health.

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