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Can liver cirrhosis be cured?You know after reading

Liver cirrhosis is a familiar disease, and the cognition of the people is extremely high. This name often runs out of the mouth of the neighborhood in the street, and often hear that the master has liver cirrhosis, and his life is inconvenient. The old man died of cirrhosis again. Is liver cirrhosis so terrible?

In fact, once the patient was found to have cirrhosis, it proved that the patient’s liver had had very serious problems. If not treated in time, it is likely to endanger patients’ lives.

So can liver hardening be treated? The answer is yes.

Today, I will introduce the four major methods of treating liver cirrhosis.

1 General treatment

General therapy can actually be understood as raising. Patients with cirrhosis need to pay attention to rest, preferably in bed rest, because many liver patient liver function is in a compensation period. Pay more attention to diet. Patients with cirrhosis should follow the three high principles, high protein, calories, high vitamins, and actively supplement the heat and nutrients needed for the body.

2 Drug treatment

As of now, there is no special medicine for the treatment of liver sclerosis. It is recommended that you do not use the medicine chaotic to avoid aggravating the burden on the liver. Patients with liver cirrhosis need to supplement a variety of vitamins and can take drugs that protect liver cells, but they must follow the doctor’s advice and do not take the medicine by themselves.

3 antiviral treatment

Hepatitis caused by virus infection needs to be treated with antiviral treatment. The antiviral therapy of patients with hepatitis B sclerosis includes the following two parts: First, hepatitis B liver cirrhosis during the compensation period. The purpose of antiviral therapy is to delay and reduce the compensation period of the liver function, and keep the liver function worse. Second, the hepatitis B and liver cirrhosis in the disorderly compensation period requires long -term treatment. It is best to choose drugs with better drug resistance.

4 liver transplantation

If patients with liver cirrhosis have tried the above 3 methods, the treatment effect will not be very good, and even complications occur. When life -threatening, you can choose to perform liver transplantation.

Before the liver transplantation, please follow the doctor’s order and conduct various examinations to improve the success rate of surgery.

Liver cirrhosis is not a symptom. Although it is difficult to cure, it is easier to control the condition.

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