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Can liver cirrhosis be treated?In -depth interpretation of the treatment of liver sclerosis

Liver cirrhosis is a common chronic hypogenestity. Once the liver cirrhosis is found, it indicates that the liver has a very serious problem. At this time, if you do not receive treatment, it will have a serious threat to life. Can it be treated with liver cirrhosis? Let’s interpret the treatment of liver hardening in depth.

Can liver cirrhosis be treated? Treatment of liver cirrhosis:

1. General treatment:

(1) Pay more attention to rest: Most of the liver function of patients with cirrhosis is in the compensation period. At this time, activities should be reduced, mainly in bed rest.

(2) Diet: Patients with liver cirrhosis should abide by the principles of high protein, high calories, and high vitamins, and eat more of these foods.

(3) Supporting therapy: It mainly supplements heat and nutrients to achieve water, electrolyte, acid -base balance.

2. Drug treatment: At present, there are no special effects of treating liver cirrhosis in clinical practice. I hope that everyone will not take the medicine casually, otherwise it will increase the liver burden.

(1) Supplement various vitamins.

(2) Drugs that protect liver cells: You can take drugs that protect liver cells. Typical drugs are beneficial to liver spirit, vitamin C, liver, and wooden pills. Essence

3. Anti -virus treatment: If the liver cirrhosis caused by virus infections is required, antiviral treatment is required. The antiviral therapy of patients with hepatitis B cirrhosis mainly includes two parts:

(1) Hepatitis B liver cirrhosis during the compensation period: In this case, the purpose of antiviral therapy is to delay and reduce the compensation period of the liver function and keep the liver function.

(2) Hepatitis B liver cirrhosis during the disorderly compensation period: Because it is necessary to be treated for a long time, it is best to choose a nucleoside (acid) similar drug with a smaller chance of resistance.

4. Liver transplantation: If patients with liver sclerosis are not effective after treatment with the above three methods, it is recommended to consider liver transplantation.

Can liver cirrhosis be treated? The above article mainly recommends four methods for treating liver cirrhosis. It can be seen that there are still methods to treat diseases such as cirrhosis. The earlier, the greater the chance of the treatment of the condition. In addition, I hope that everyone should not drink alcohol, especially some men drink less alcohol, so that they will not get such diseases such as cirrhosis.

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