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Can men have weak sperm calamity?

Among the infertile army, male weakness has a certain percentage. To improve the vitality of sperm and have a baby belonging to it, this is the common wish of patients.

Sperm symptoms actually refer to low sperm vitality. Under normal circumstances, a certain percentage of sperm should move forward and have the ability to move forward quickly (this ability is obtained when passing through epididymia). If this ability is lacking, it may lead to male infertility. The probability of this infertility is often proportional to the quality of sperm vitality.

Under normal circumstances, sperm needs to use the role of various active substances secreted by adhesive glands to further obtain energy to maintain its lively movement ability. Some genitalists point out that if infectious diseases, immune diseases, testicular itself and developmental diseases such as epididymal organs such as epididymia, etc., they are enough to cause sperm to weaken or lose their forward exercise capabilities.

Although there is another process that sperm enters the female reproductive tract, it is prepared for sperm to get eggs. We know that sperm needs to pass through the cervical mucus pipes before reaching the belly of the Women’s fallopian tube pot and eggs, and then pass through the uterine cavity to reach the place where fertilization can be reached. To complete this long “travel”, sperm must have motivation, and there must be “gas stations”. Otherwise, it is impossible to fertilize eggs. From this point of view, the vitality of sperm is very important for men’s fertility.

It is easy to determine weak sperm. At present, most of the hospital examinations in my country are detected in accordance with international standards. The mid -bounds limit in the results of sperm vitality testing is clear, and the level of vitality is determined by four standards: A, B, C, and D, respectively. If the proportion of A -level sperm is less than 25%, it is abnormal. In addition, according to level 5 classification methods: level 0 indicates that sperm cannot move; level 1 indicates poor sperm activity capacity and only creep in place; level 2 indicates that sperm activity is average and only moves forward. , Straight forward movement; level 4 indicates that the sperm activity is excellent, showing a fast straight forward movement. But most of the previous detection methods are used.

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The proportion of A -level sperm often determines the strength of male fertility. If there are no issues related to fertility in other respects, as long as less than one quarter of the straight -line fast exercise sperm, it is weak sperm. Some people think that as long as the overall survival rate is enough, it is possible to have fertility. For example, if there is only one -tenth of the sperm of straight lines, even if there are more sperm B and C -level, they cannot replace the fertilization of straight -line fast exercise sperm, and it is impossible to complete the mission of combining sperm and eggs.

It should be noted that the relatively not serious weak sperm causing is sometimes pregnant, but this pregnancy is prone to stop developing, miscarriage, and premature birth. Of course, it is not conducive to eugenics.

(Intern editor: Li Liqiong)

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