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Can my mother feed my baby when I have a cold?

Many women have a cold but dare not take medicine. They are afraid that the ingredients that affect the milk are not good for their children, and they are afraid to pass the cold to the child. Can you take medicine during breastfeeding? What medicine can you take? If you take a cold medicine, you can breastfeed your baby? Mom is unclear.

Will different types of colds affect feeding

1. Mild cold during breastfeeding

Symptoms: Only sneezing, runny nose and mild cough. Medication: no need to take medicine.

Can you feed: You can continue to feed when you wear a mask. The baby who has just been born has a certain immunity itself. Don’t worry about passing the cold to the baby and dare not breastfeed.

2. Breastfeeding is severe cold during breastfeeding

Symptoms: sneezing, runny nose and cough, and throat uncomfortable. Medication: Take some cold and heat -clearing particles, 2 packs each time, 2 times a day. The throat is uncomfortable at the same time, and the panels are taken at the same time, 2 pack each time, 4 times a day, and the hot water is rushed.

Can you feed: Continue to feed in the case of a mask.

3. Wind and cold during breastfeeding

Symptoms: cold, fever, sweating, headache, flowing nose, itchy throat, cough, sputum is thin, and the pulse floats. Medication: Cold is a self -limiting disease. If there is no secondary bacteria infection for a few days, you can eat some vitamin C appropriately to increase the body’s resistance. Diet arrangement: drink hot soup sweat.

Can you feed: Put on a mask and continue to feed (free of transmission to your baby). You can take some medicine, but you can breastfeed six hours after taking the medicine.

4. Breastfeeding viral cold

Symptoms: fever and cold, pain. Medication: Eat virus spirit or the same type of medicine; western medicine is not available. If you want to use medicine to relieve it, you can choose some antiviral oral solution of Chinese medicine, such as: double Huanglian oral solution, wearing lotus oral solution, cold and heat -clearing particles , Banlangen granules, vitamin C foaming tablets, vitamin C silver tables, cold granules, cough syrup and so on.

Can you breastfeed: It is best to stop feeding after taking the medicine (you can stop breastfeeding for 1 to 2 days during high fever, and the breast milk should be absorbed often to keep breastfeeding in the future).

In general, breast milk can still be fed, because a cold is transmitted through the respiratory tract instead of milk, but it is best to wear a mask when feeding and taking care of the baby to avoid transmitting to the baby. If the baby has a cold symptoms, you can also give the baby through the milk after taking the above drugs, which is safer than the baby directly taking medicine.

If the maternal has a cold, it is not accompanied by a high fever, you need to drink plenty of water, eat a light and digestible diet, and take medicines such as cold granules, plate Bantan granules. It is best to help take care of the child and sleep more time to sleep. The child who has just been born has a certain immunity itself, and does not have to worry about transmitting to the child to catch a cold without daring to breastfeed. If there is a high fever after a cold, the mother cannot eat well and is very uncomfortable. She should go to the hospital to see a doctor. Doctors often give infusion. If necessary, give antibiotics that have little effect on milk. At the same time

3 suggestions for breastfeeding colds

1. Breastfeeding mothers need to be treated with antibiotics if they have severe colds, and this antibiotics are not breastfeeding for the time being when the baby is healthy, avoiding the drugs to the baby through milk.

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2. Pour about 42 degrees of hot water in the insulation tea cup, place your mouth and nose in the mouth of the tea cup, and constantly inhale the hot steam. Three times a day, it can accelerate the improvement of the cold.

3. Drinking chicken soup frequently will enhance the natural resistance of the human body and prevent colds. Add some pepper, ginger and other condiments to chicken soup, or eat below to treat colds.

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