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can not wait!How terrible is liver, a silent organs

In China, liver cancer takes about 390,000 people every year. Among them, we are familiar with many well -known people such as Wu Mengda, Fu Biao, Luo Wen, Shen Dianxia, ​​etc. all died of liver cancer. Life. This is also very related to the characteristics of liver cancer. The liver is a silent organs. The signal is not obvious when the onset of the disease at first, so that the liver cancer is usually late when it is discovered. Methods to save their lives. For patients with advanced liver cancer, the possibility of cure is extremely small. What are the terrible characteristics of liver cancer?

Early symptoms are not obvious

The liver is not like other organs. Generally, cancer has obvious signals in the early days, but the symptoms of early liver cancer are not obvious. In the early stage of liver cancer, although there are cancer cells, liver function is still relatively sound, so no liver function decreases, and naturally it will not cause attention. Generally speaking, unless the tumor is already very large, there are few symptoms. It is too late to find it later. The advanced liver cancer can only be effectively improved to improve the quality of survival.

History of liver disease

If there is a problem at the beginning of the liver, even if it is cured, it is likely to become a hidden killer of the liver later. Many patients with liver cancer have long -term chronic liver disease history. Liver cancer.

Disposal of liver cancer cells

Patients with advanced liver cancer usually metastasize. The common is to transfer it in the liver, and the transfer of other organs. In this case, patients generally show the pain of the metastasis, such as metastasis to the digestive tract, the stomach, and the stomach It is possible to further cause patient discomfort and nausea and vomiting.

For ordinary people, regular medical examinations are still necessary. Early problems are found and early treatment. The characteristics of the liver are so silent, the disease is hidden, and the growth is rapid. If there is a problem, we must take the initiative to discover it. When the signal starts to be obvious, it is estimated that it is too late. Pay attention to nourishing the liver, regular medical examinations every year, liver cancer is not easy to cure, do not ignore it.

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