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Can premature ovarian failure can I test tubes?

Premature ovarian failure can generally test tubes, and those with severe ovarian failure usually cannot test tubes.

1. Not serious: premature ovarian failure is not serious.Ovarian ovulation or residual follicles in ovulation or ovaries.Under the guidance of doctors, the use of ovulation -promoting drugs and estrogen drugs reasonably can promote follicle growth and development.After the follicles mature, the eggs can be taken out, and IVF can be manufactured.When premature ovarian failure is performed in vitro, it is necessary to choose high -quality eggs.At the same time, it is recommended to rest in bed to strengthen dietary nutrition and improve success rate.2. Severe cases: Puware of the ovaries, no ovarian development in the ovaries, ovulation -promoting drugs cannot promote follicle growth and development, mature follicles cannot be taken, IVF cannot be performed.

It is recommended to avoid excessive fatigue and stay up late to avoid the deterioration of human immune function and the worsening of premature aging symptoms.Proper aerobic exercise, strengthen exercise, promote the body’s metabolism, delay aging, and promote ovarian blood circulation.

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