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Can RBD be treated with Chinese medicine?

Can RBD be treated with Chinese medicine?

Fast eyeballs sleeping dysfunction is a sleep disease characterized by dreams and physical activity during the Rem sleep, and the violence during the attack.

At present, there is no special drug for the treatment of new coronary virus pneumonia. It can only be based on symptomatic support therapy. The research and development of drugs and vaccines for new coronary virus pneumonia can be carried out.Treatment of new coronal virus pneumonia, the possible antidote is.

The new coronal virus that recognizes the height of the binding site of the receptor binding domain of the iconic S protein and the cell surface receptor overlapping the height of the binding site of the cell surface, can it effectively block the combination of the new coronary virus and the cell surface ACE2.

Some of the Chinese medicines that played an important role in fighting the new crown epidemic last year are still trustworthy. For example, the representative drugs of the ‘three medicines and three parties” have inhibitory effects on Delta mutation strains, including Lianhua Qing.

On January 20, Jimin Credit Group announced that its independently developed new crown virus specificity and antibody injection have started phase I clinical trials at Shilan Hospital, which is intended to prevent and treat new crown diseases.

Pre -clinical studies have shown that JMB2002 can accurately occupy virus S1 sub -sub -submall receptor binding domain.

Breakthrough results were achieved in the treatment fields of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular treatment.At present, Jimin’s trusted research and development in Zhangjiang, Shanghai.

Introduction The current 2019-NCOV epidemic is urgent. At present, in addition to clinical trials such as antiviral small molecular drugs, antibody vaccines and other macromolecular drugs, and traditional Chinese medicine, peptide drugs are also an important research direction.2019 4.

Can it be effectively combined with 2019-NCOVRBD.CR3022 may have potential to be developed alone or with other medium-and-antibody combinations as candidate therapies to prevent and treat the 2019-NCOV infection.On January 29, Shanghai Pakistan, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The treatment of the treatment of the treatment antibody development, the nucleic acid testing kit, the chip that can detect a variety of viruses of the respiratory tract … the epidemic attack.

Successfully express the important target of the virus, receptor-binding domain protein S-RBD to obtain high-purity protein research tool reagents.

The clinical and effective Chinese medicines and therapy and therapy are used for reference and use by multiple countries; the new crown virus is parsed.

The form of a series and monoclonal antibody in the identification and creation targeting the new crown spiny protein S and the receptor -binding domain RBD.

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