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Can sperm deformity be pregnant?What can men eat during pregnancy to improve sperm quality?

Male ejaculation can release about 200 million sperm at a time. In the end, only one sperm “killed the siege” into egg cells to form fertilized eggs, and life began.

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High -quality sperm is the basis of the origin of life and an important basic condition for childbirth. However, many men will find that their sperm deformed rates are high when they are pregnant before pregnancy, and they will worry about whether they can get pregnant.

According to the latest standards, the sperm of normal forms needs 4%. There are many reasons for sperm malformations, such as urogenital infections, sperm varicose veins, smoking, drinking, lack of exercise, radiation, large work pressure, drug impact, and genetic factors.

Sperm deformities have a certain impact on pregnancy, but do not be frightened by sperm deformities. As long as men are not 100%sperm malformations, there is a possibility of normal sperm conception.

To treat sperm malformations, it is recommended to take medication under the guidance of a doctor, including the treatment of the cause and taking some drugs that help sperm. In addition, you should avoid tobacco and alcohol in daily life, do not take sauna, do not wear tight clothes for a long time, drink less drinks, strengthen exercise, and stay away from pollution. If you try to prepare for pregnancy, you can consider the auxiliary reproductive technology.

Eating food to improve sperm quality

1. Increase the intake of minerals

Prostatitis and semen contain high concentrations of zinc. If zinc lacks, sperm is scarce and testicular atrophy. High -zinc foods are mainly shell animals, such as oysters.

2. Increase the intake of vitamin C

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Vitamin can provide sperm for sperm and promote sperm production. Among them, vitamin E has the most close relationship with the reproductive system, which can prevent aging organs from aging, promote the regeneration of sperm tubes, and enhance sperm vitality. Because food will destroy vitamin E during processing, it is recommended to take vitamin E preparations.

3. Increase high -quality protein and arginine foods

Foods containing fat protein include beef and mutton, chicken, eggs, fish and shrimp, soy products, etc. Speritine is a necessary raw material for sperm. Foods rich in arginine include black fish, catfish, lean meat, hoof tendon, etc.

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