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Can sweet potatoes really lower blood sugar?Doctor: How many sugar friends will not lose their lives if they eat this early

“Can this sweet potato lower blood sugar, why does my blood sugar rises without falling?” Aunt Su realized that she might be deceived.

Some time ago, Aunt Su always felt dry mouth, she still did not quench her thirst, and she was frequent, and she often felt weak. She also had a lighter weight of 7kg. She went to the hospital for treatment due to troubles.

After inspection, it was found that Aunt Su’s aura blood glucose was 17.47mmol/L, while glycated hemoglobin was 14.4%. In addition, the urine sugar and urinary ketone bodies were 3+. After the doctor analyzed the condition of Aunt Su, he confirmed that he had diabetes.

Aunt Su had heard of the dangers of diabetes before, so she always tried the method of stabilizing blood sugar. One day, Aunt Su encountered a vendor selling sweet potatoes in the vegetable market. The vendor said that sweet potatoes were good things for anti -cancer and blood sugar lowering blood sugar.

However, after eating sweet potatoes for a while, Aunt Su went to review, but found that the blood sugar did not fall, so she had the soul torture at the beginning.

1. Is eating sweet potatoes raising blood sugar or lowering blood sugar?

In addition to delicious sweet potatoes, its efficacy is also the focus of people’s discussions. The square says that sweet potato lower blood sugar and the opposite view of sweet potato lift blood sugar. What is going on?

In response, Director Cheng Zhifeng from the Fourth Hospital of Harbin Medical University said: The reason why sweet potatoes can lower blood sugar is the conclusion that it is compared with high carbohydrates such as rice noodles.

The carbohydrates of sweet potatoes are relatively low, and the calories are low or less than 1/3 of the equivalent of the same amount of rice. The pectin and dietary fiber rich in sweet potatoes can help delay the absorption of fat and sugar in food.

Therefore, sugar friends can indeed eat sweet potatoes appropriately, but pay attention to sweet potatoes as a staple food. Do not eat rice when eating sweet potatoes, otherwise it may cause excessive sugar to increase blood sugar.

However, there are many varieties of sweet potato and different cooking methods. Therefore, the specific impact of sweet potatoes on everyone, you can judge by blood sugar monitoring by yourself.

2. Is sweet potato anti -cancer, is science or rumor?

The rumors of sweet potato anti -cancer must also start from a study that this research comes from the Institute of Cancer Prevention in the Japanese pot. Scientists conduct long -term follow -up investigations of 260,000 people’s eating habits.

Studies have found that 20 kinds of vegetables have a certain anti -cancer effect. Scientists arranged them from high to low, of which the top two are cooked sweet potatoes and raw sweet potatoes. But does this mean that sweet potatoes are really “the king of anti -cancer”?

Gu Chuanling, a member of the Chinese Nutrition Society, said: The study did pointed out the preliminary test based on animal experiments and cell experiments based on animal experiments and cell experiments.

Although there are clinical trials, the samples of the test are insufficient, and the sweet potato extract used in the test does not come from sweet potatoes. In other words, such experiments are not rigorous enough, and the conclusion does not confirm “sweet potato anti -cancer”.

Third, although sweet potatoes are good, there are 3 precautions for eating

Sweet potatoes are sought after by the public as the common food storage. Whether it is roasted sweet potatoes or ordinary steamed sweet potatoes, people’s index fingers are moving, but when eating sweet potatoes, you still need to pay attention to three things.

1. It is better to eat during lunch

Sweet potatoes need 4-5 hours to be completely absorbed by the human body, and sweet potatoes will continue to produce gas during the digestion. If you eat sweet potatoes at dinner, it is likely to cause abdominal distension and acidic and affect sleep.

Sweet potatoes contain a large amount of calcium. If you eat sweet potatoes at noon, you can promote calcium absorption at this time. Therefore, the best sweet potato is best to eat at noon.

2. Avoid serving with sweets

Sweet potatoes are very sweet. If you eat it with sweets, it is likely to cause gastroesophageal reflux.

3. Try to eat less or not eat as little spleen and stomach

Although sweet potatoes can strengthen the spleen and stomach, it is not advisable to eat more sweet potatoes for those with weak spleen and stomach, because higher sugar in sweet potatoes will increase gastric acid secretion without conducive to stomach health, especially patients with gastric ulcers to eat sweet potatoes, which may stimulate ulcers to stimulate ulcers. Noodles affect rehabilitation.

Fourth, purple potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, which one is more nutritious?

Sweet potatoes are not just sweet potatoes. In fact, there are purple potatoes and sweet potatoes, so who’s more nutritional value among them?

In fact, the sweet potato sugar is high and the starch is less. The softest and sweet of the three, the purple potato protein and dietary fiber are high and the starch is small, the taste is rough, but the antioxidant capacity is strong, while the sweet potato has high dietary fiber content and less sugar, especially Suitable for constipation.

In terms of how to choose, Ruan Guangfeng, director of the Science and Technology Department of Food and Nutrition Information Exchange Center, gave suggestions: Although sweet potatoes, purple potatoes and sweet potatoes were divided into three categories according to the color, their nutritional value was not much different. Taste, you can eat which one is good.

Of course, when choosing sweet potatoes, pay attention to choosing a straight shape pen, without spots and no damage, and if there are dark brown or brown spots on the epidermis, most of them are infected with black bacteria. risk.

In general, sweet potatoes are very healthy staple foods. Whether they are eaten or steamed, they are very delicious. Compared with other high carbohydrates, sweet potatoes do have a certain effect of lowering blood sugar. Sugar friends can also eat appropriately. Be careful not to eat other staple foods and sweets when eating sweet potatoes.

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