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Can the elderly still live a “husband and wife life”?Pay attention to these 4 points, the advantage is that others are envious

Sex is not only the “patent” of young people, but also the elderly also has physiological needs, but many elderly people in the country are because of old concepts and psychological factors. Zun “,” still play hooligan “…

Comparison of sexual life at home and abroad

In terms of sex, there is a huge difference in the culture of East and West. The attitude of the elderly in our country is generally conservative and implicit.

Even in recent years, society has become more and more diversified, but young people are open to the concept. Due to the values ​​that have been formed, the older generation has been covered with sexual problems. Especially after entering the elderly, many elderly people naturally think that sex should not be available.

This is different in Western society. According to a British survey, even after a long year (60 years old), 54%of men and 31%of women still have sufficient interest in sex, and some people have at least 2 sexual life per week.

Appropriate sex life makes you look younger than your peers

Of course, everyone’s constitution varies from person to person. Those who are still sexually impulsive can put this “impulse” into action in themselves that their bodies are healthy, so they still have sexual life. It’s right.

The British survey of 1,000 men’s long 10 years showed that men who have more than twice a week have a chance to die early than those who are less than twice or even without sex. People, risk of cardiovascular diseases are also decreasing.

This is because of the process of sex, which is the main reference for testing various indicators of the body. For example, some elderly people with sexual dysfunction may be a precursor to heart disease.

In addition, the moderate sexual life of the elderly has promoted the balance of endocrine. The metabolism is stronger than those who are not sexual life. In the case of hormone secretion, the spirit will be better, and it looks young and energetic.

For elderly women, sexual life has promoted the secretion of estrogen, so that the skin is better, and naturally has the effect of beauty. Moreover, sexual life enhances the feelings of two people. At the same time that the mood is comfortable, the risk of depression will decrease.

Compared with the vigorous energy of young people, the sexual life of the elderly is more coordinated and natural.

Do these four points, work harmoniously

Young people are vibrant, and sexual life often does not deliberately pay time. The elderly are different. Although there are sexual impulses, all aspects of the body must not be compared with young people, so the sexual life of the elderly should pay more attention to a certain strategy.

In the time of sex, people often have more time in the same room at night. However, the elderly should try to avoid the same room at night. This is because the at night is the moment of yang weak. The vitality of the elderly’s body is not as good as young people. If the same room at night will make the body lose money.

Furthermore, the sexual desire for the elderly will not come to the same time like young people. Generally speaking, morning is the most strong moment of human sexual desire. Even if the sexual desire does not have the strong elderly people with strong young people, the peak of sexual desire is in the morning.

Therefore, in the morning sex, for the elderly, it can better evoke the impulse. Furthermore, after a night of rest, physical recovery, energetic, and energetic, all aspects are in the best state. At this time, coupled with the strong sexual desire, the sexual life is also complete.

And unlike young people in a hurry to work, the elderly do not have to worry about the problem of being late. After the same room, there is enough time to restore physical strength and adjustment.

In terms of specific precautions, the sexual life of the elderly must first be moderate. This mode is not the number of standards of rigidity, but must be fully measured.

If the body is not fatigue, the frequency of sex can be increased according to your own sexual desire; but if sexuality is strenuous and the energy recovers slower afterwards, you can reduce the frequency. The key to this frequency is to depend on whether the body can eat.

Secondly, in the process of sexual life, the two sides may wish to use some “external assistance”. For example, the erectile and hard level of elderly men are not as good as young people. In this case, they can help doctors and improve their symptoms.

For elderly women, the dryness of the Yin road is a common state. In the case of Yin’s incomplete humidity, do not forcibly insert it, which may cause damage to the wall of the Yin road. In this case, some lubricating liquids can be used to improve the dryness of Yin Road.

In the process of sex, the elderly should pay attention to the amplitude of the movement. Because the process of sexual impulse is the process of accelerating the whole body blood flow and the rise in blood pressure. If the elderly try violently like youth heat, it will increase the unnecessary burden on the body, and seriously may induce cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, the sex of the elderly must be in the wind and drizzle, and it is not as intense like young people. Normal sexual positions and appropriate slowing movements can be more free.

Sex is a self -experience. This experience is not only psychologically physiological. It is essential for the sex of the elderly to do it because of differences and force. After all, the body and age cannot bear the fierce passion.

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