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Can the fetus find leukemia in the stomach?

It is generally impossible to detect whether the fetus has leukemia.

General leukemia is confirmed through bone marrow puncture or hemophilic test, but it cannot be done during the fetal stage, so it is usually not found.Some patients have Tang’s syndrome, congenital testicular dysplasia, congenital remote capillary expansion erythema, and low immune function, and the incidence is higher than that of ordinary fetuses.In addition, if it is a twin of the same ovulation, one with acute leukemia, and the other is leukemia, the probability is 20%, which is 12 times higher than the incidence of twins.These phenomena show that the occurrence of leukemia is related to genetic quality.

It is recommended that patients pay attention to clean and hygiene, pay attention not to exercise violently, and be careful not to be bruised by trauma, leading to bleeding. Patients with leukemia should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

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