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Can the lungs recover health after quitting smoking?Reminder: 2 methods self -test lung function, try

According to the latest data of 2020, more than 1/4 of our country has smoking, and the number of people who smoke each year will cause 1 million people.It will double double.

If you don’t think there is anything, share a picture of the lung that sucks 30 years of smoke.Do you feel tingling with scalp after watching it?If so, don’t hurry up!

(It may cause discomfort, it has been coded)

1. After quitting, can the lungs recover to be healthy?

Some people do have the idea of quitting smoking. At this time, can they often face a question: Can their lungs return to health after quitting smoking?Or is it just a “empty”?

After quitting smoking, there are many factors affecting the recovery of the lungs, such as the age of the smokers, the total time of smoking, the total number of smoking, and physical health.Because each person is different, how is the recovery of the lungs not generalized.

Generally speaking, the recovery of the lungs with smoking quit is as follows:

7 days of quitting smoking: At this time, the lung cilia is like a withered grass, and the breathing ability of the smokers will become slightly stronger.

3 months of quitting smoking: Cell will return to the beginning and start to clean up some damaged and dead cells. In addition, the bronchial tissue slowly begins to heal.

Quit smoking for 1 year: Jill continues to recover, and the lung function has begun to get better and better.

10 years of quitting smoking: effectively reduce the mortality of lung cancer, and the mortality rate of them is basically the same.

It can be seen that the benefits of lungs after quit smoking are obvious, so what else do you wait for if you want the lung health?

Second, can the lung that turns black?

Some smokers have darkened their lungs due to long -term smoking, so can they return in vain?

Some studies have stated that the dust and particles contained in the smoke will damage the cilia after entering the lungs. Over time, the more the particles accumulate, the more the particles will cause the lungs to blacken.Generally speaking, calculate 1 pack of cigarettes (20) a day. In just about 3 years, a healthy lung will become obviously black, and most of the time is still irreversible.

If you quit smoking, can the dark lungs come back in vain?The answer is not.

The harmful substances in cigarettes will start to play a role once they enter the human body. It is not realistic to want to get these granular dust in the future.In addition, everyone is reminded not to trust the online saying on the Internet. “Washing lungs can make the lungs whitening.” It is useless. Improper operation may cause alveoli bleeding and increase the chance of lung infection.

However, although the lungs cannot be turned white, as long as you quit smoking, the lungs can start self -repair and even return to normal functions. Therefore, quitting smoking is still very meaningful. It is strongly recommended that everyone quit smoking as soon as possible!

3. Why do some people get fat after quit smoking?It may be a reaction of the ring

After normally quit smoking, smokers will have a variety of discomfort symptoms, such as anxiety, headache, insomnia, dry mouth thirst, and inattention.Uncomfortable.This manifestation of this manifestation is “nicotine abstinence syndrome” clinically.

Generally speaking, the symptoms of these stages will appear within a few hours after quitting, especially the first three days, and it will be eased at almost a month.Different symptoms of abstinence and duration are not the same. Specifically as shown in the figure:

Source: The whole people are more true-Tencent News

After quitting smoking, the reason why it becomes fat is because after smoking quit, nicotine, nicotine and other substances in tobacco no longer inhibit the hunger center of the human brain, so it is easy to have a sense of hunger and cause appetite.Coupled with the slower of the body’s metabolic rate and smoking, it is naturally easy to get fat.

But don’t panic, as long as you control your diet (eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less meat), and strengthen exercise, you can still control the weight very well.Take a step back, compared with the benefits of getting fat after quitting smoking, it is not worth mentioning.

However, it is said that quitting smoking is certain.Therefore, if the response occurs, it is very painful, do not resist hard, you can seek professional smoking quit help, such as calling the Chinese smoking quit line 4008885531, consultation method and skills, thereby enhancing the power quitting power.

Extension -2 methods self -test lung function

If you want to know your lung function, in addition to going to the hospital for professional testing, you can also do a simple small test at home to initially judge the pulmonary function.

1. Sport test method

It is very simple. In a certain period of time, control the speed and climb the 3 -story staircase at a constant speed.

You can also run in place to make the pulse soar to 100-120 times/min. If the movement is over, the internal pulse can return to normal about 5 minutes. Congratulations, your cardiopulmonary function is normal.

2. Blowing match test method

Put the lights that are far from 15cm away from you. If you can easily destroy it, then your lung function is in a good state; if not, you must be careful of lung function.

In addition, “Liuye Knife Breathing Medicine” has published a data, who is less than 35 years old. After quitting smoking, its lung function is damaged by 80%compared with the dangers when continuing to smoke.Therefore, everyone must seize the opportunity.Long -term smoking hurts the lungs, so people with a history of long -term smoking must check the lung function regularly.

In the end, one more thing: No matter what time to quit smoking, as long as you start to quit smoking, it is the best time.Reference materials:

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