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Can the old man cure the stroke?

The possibility of the elderly has a cure, but the possibility is relatively low.

Stroke is also called stroke, which causes complicated reasons. If it is ischemic stroke, it may be related to various factors, such as the narrowing and occlusion of intracranial arteries, cerebral artery embolism, inflammation and infection. The common symptoms are limbsPower and numbness, there will also be nausea, vomiting and crooked mouth.

If it is hemorrhagic stroke may be related to factors such as trauma, cerebral artery malformations and aneurysm, it will induce cerebral hemorrhage, nausea, vomiting and headache may also cause conscious disorders and limb paralysis.If the lifestyle is unhealthy, such as staying up late and smoking, insufficient weight and physical activity, etc., it may increase the risk of stroke.

After the stroke occurs, it is necessary to use medicine or surgery as soon as possible. Early treatment is of great significance to the prognosis.There is a certain difficulty.

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