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Can the ovarian cancer early be good?

Ovarian cancer may recur after early cure.

Early recurrence of ovarian cancer is relatively low. If patients do not have appendix, large omentum, peritoneum and other parts after standard staging surgery, the probability of recurrence will be lower.Early ovarian cancer was limited to ovarian cancer and did not transfer to other parts in the ovaries, and lymph nodes were also negative.If the standard staging surgery is performed in accordance with the guide, there is no special transfer, and the probability of recurrence is relatively low.The worst type of ovarian cancer is called transparent cell carcinoma, which is not sensitive to chemotherapy, and a considerable number of patients will recur.In addition, if it is a low -differentiated ovarian cancer, even if it is limited to one ovarian in the early stage, the probability of recurrence is also high, and the probability of recurrence of ovarian cancer is very high.

Patients should eat more unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleum, deep -sea fish oil, and seaweed.Patients can eat more soy products containing more plant estrogen, such as soybeans and tofu.Patients should eat more foods rich in cellulose and trace elements, such as mushrooms, animal liver, turtles, kelp, seaweed, oysters, etc.When patients with ovarian cancer eat meat, they can choose meat with low saturated fatty acids such as chicken, duck, and fish.Patients should eat main grains such as corn, buckwheat, wheat.Patients should eat more high -protein, high -calorie and digestible foods, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to accelerate wound healing.Patients should avoid smoking, mold and food containing nitrite.Patients should not eat or eat less animal fat, such as fat, etc.Patients should quit smoking and alcohol.Patients should avoid spicy and irritating food.Patients should avoid overeating.Oral contraceptives can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.Encourage female breastfeeding and extend breastfeeding time.Women with a family history of ovarian cancer should conduct genetic consultation and genetic testing.In daily life, patients should maintain a low -fat diet and drink less coffee.Patients can drink an appropriate amount of tea and low -fat milk, eat iodized salt, and eat more foods rich in folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E and calcium, such as cherries, kumquats, milk, etc.

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