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Can the tear mask of “second beauty” be so beautiful?Expert: Treatment of the standard and not cure, blackheads cannot be “torn”

Recently, the tearing mask has become more and more popular. Clean blackheads, fine pores, oil control and other gimmicks, so that beauty lovers have doubled their feelings of tearing mask. At the same time, the operation is simple and immediate, which also makes the tear mask a new favorite in the market. So, how is the cleaning effect of tearing mask? Is it damaged to the skin? Yesterday, Jimu Journalists interviewed a number of experts that most of the tearing masks on the market currently use physical methods to temporarily remove the surface blackheads. Cause skin problems such as sensitive muscles.

I have allergic dermatitis with a tear mask

Ms. Li, 33, lives in Hankou, and her face is usually greasy. A month ago, Ms. Li saw in the WeChat circle of friends that a WeChat merchant was promoting a mask, saying that it was simple to operate, and she could clear the blackheads at once, making the skin of the face clean and refreshing, and the price was not expensive. Essence The effect comparison chart of the after -in -use of the micro -business distribution made her very exciting.

“This kind of mask is torn, the original price is 200 yuan, and now it is not available for 100 yuan. I think it is okay to try it.” Ms. Li said that there is a black head on her face, which always gives people a feeling of unclean feeling. So I bought a box.

In the past month, Ms. Li uses a tear mask every two days to clean the black head. What surprised her was that after using the mask, the face would indeed be a lot cleaner and the blackheads were indeed reduced. Until last week, she had a tingling sensation with her usual skin care products, and her face was red and swollen.

Subsequently, Ms. Li was diagnosed with allergic dermatitis at a dermatology department near a hospital near the unit. The doctor told her that the use of the tearing mask frequently destroyed her skin barrier, her skin became thin and sensitive, and eventually evolved into allergic dermatitis.

Tear mask online and offline are sought after

In the past few days, Jimu Journalists visited a number of department stores such as Laou District, Hongshan District, and West Lake District, and found various tear masks on the shelves in the beauty area. The price of these tear masks ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. Most of the masks are mud -shaped. When used, apply it evenly on the face. After a certain period of time, tear it off, and then clean the face. On the Internet, the sales of tearing masks are hot. A box of 220 yuan a box can sell nearly 30,000 a month.

“It is indeed effective, especially suitable for emergency.” Ms. Chen of Hankou said that half a month ago, she spent 188 yuan to buy a box of tear masks online. Just last week, I was going to attend the wedding of my classmates. I used this tear mask before going out. I really felt that the blackheads became less and the skin was smooth. There was no discomfort. However, because she is lazy, she has never used this tear mask after this use.

Ms. Nie said that after using a torn mask under the recommendation of her friend, she felt dry skin, and the process of tearing was somewhat painful. The blackheads seemed to have not changed much, so she stopped using it.

Expert: Blackheads cannot be “torn”

So, is the use of tearing mask a scientific way to clean the skin and remove the black head? Is it damaged to the skin?

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Li Qi, a dermatologist in Wuchang Hospital in Wuhan City, introduced that the tearing mask is to use physical principles to tear down the black head on the skin. Although the surface dirt is removed, it also destroys the skin barrier. In the long run, it may even transform the normal skin into a sensitive muscle. Once the skin barrier is destroyed, the skin will become dry and rough, fragile, making harmful microorganisms and external stimuli easier to invade or stimulate, especially being easily damaged by ultraviolet rays.

“Blackheads can’t be ‘to tear.” Hu Kai, the main skin clinic doctor of the skin beauty department of Wuhan Fourth Hospital, said that blackheads are one of the many manifestations of acne. Its cause is also complicated and diverse. Blackheads, do not deal with the cause, are cure and do not cure the root causes. Often, some blackheads can be removed when they are used at the time, and they will recur in two days. Repeated use of a torn mask may also stimulate the skin and allergies. He reminded consumers to pay attention to the cause of blackheads and go to a regular hospital to find a professional doctor for treatment.

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