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Can the wing -shaped meat -shaped meat medication be treated?

Eye wing -shaped meat is a common eye meter disease. It refers to the grown of winged meat to the surface of the corneal, invading the inside of the corneal edge, or the conjunctival fiber vascular tissue of the pupil area and the vertical part of the ball.Relaxed creature.Eye winged meat is usually not treated by drugs. Drug treatment is mainly aimed at patients with smaller winged meat or patients with recurrence after surgery.

1. Apply glucocorticoids: It has the effect of anti -inflammatory and inhibit immune response, can reduce the width of the wing -like meat, but it usually cannot be completely eliminated;

2. Antibiotics: If patients with winged meat have eye infections, antibiotics can be used for treatment to control the infection;

3. Non -steroidal drugs: If the patient’s eyes are congested and reddish, it can be treated with non -steroidal drugs, such as Plaraphinhin’s eye drops, etc.

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4. Chinese patent medicine: It can control patients with eye congestion and pain, such as sodium dicotoxicate eye drops, but can only control the symptoms and cannot completely eliminate it;

5. Hormone drugs: If the patient’s eyes are congested and red, it is more obvious, and at the same time, it is accompanied by obvious visual decline. It is recommended to perform early surgical treatment to avoid recurrence of winged meat.

At present, no effective drugs can completely cure wing -like meat. Drugs can only control symptoms and easily cause side effects. Therefore, patients are recommended for surgical treatment.At present, commonly used surgical methods include winged meat sorting, autologous ball conjunctiva transplantation, wing -shaped meat resection suture, and corneal stem cell migration.Doctors will choose the appropriate surgical method based on the specific situation of the patient. It is recommended that patients consult the ophthalmologists and formulate suitable treatment plans.

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