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Can uremia be cured?

Urexia is generally difficult to cure.

Hematoplabyzer can treat and replace renal function. Renal transplantation is the only possibility of treating uremia. Urexia is a manifestation of patients with end -stage renal failure in patients.At this time, the patient’s kidney disease is irreversible and the function is basically lost.It is necessary to rely on hemodialysis to replace the kidney excretion function and maintain the operation of the body’s metabolic system.Hematoplabyzer cannot completely cure uremia, but it can only maintain physical condition.At present, kidney transplantation is the only way to treat uremia.However, there are certain risks in the source of kidney transplantation, the immune rejection response after transplantation, and the recovery of postoperative patients.Even if the transplantation is successful, it may cause death due to complications.Therefore, it is difficult to completely cure uremia.

Patients should pay attention to the balanced nutrition and eat more light food.Maintain adequate nutrition, restrict drinking, avoid drinking, and avoid spicy and irritating foods.Regular rest, avoid staying up late, and strengthen exercise.

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