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Can uterine adenomiasis heal itself?

Uterinee fibroids generally cannot achieve the effect of self -healing, there is no possibility of self -healing, and it will also grow slowly. For the growth rate of benign adenomiasis, it is relatively slow.The health affects the health.

Uterinee fibroids are a relatively common disease, which mainly include benign tumors or malignant tumors. Whether benign tumors can achieve self -healing or self -absorbing effects will not threaten life.The growth of malignant tumors is relatively fast, there is no possibility of self -healing, and even endangering patients’ lives.

After the adenomyoman has occurred in time, targeted treatment is required. Generally, regular review or surgical resection can be selected. You can choose open surgery or laparoscopic surgical resection, which can remove the lesion tissue as soon as possible.The corresponding medical examination needs to be done before surgery to avoid surgery taboos or complications. After surgery, you need to pay more attention to rest and have a light diet.

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