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Can uterine B -ultrasound detect cervical erosion?

Cervical erosion cannot be checked in B -ultrasound.

B -ultrasound is commonly used in clinical work in obstetrics and gynecology, but B -ultrasound is also limited. B -ultrasound is mainly based on ultrasonic echo to determine whether local lesions are led.Cervical erosion in clinical work is a common clinical situation, mainly refers to erosion surfaces on the surface of the cervix.Generally because the inner cylindrical mucosa in the cervix pipes occurs under abnormal hormone stimulation in the body, because the local erosion surface is usually thin, and it is often difficult to judge according to echo through the B -ultrasound.Cervical erosion.Checking cervical erosion is mainly through gynecological examinations and observing the appearance of the cervix through the naked eye.If cervical erosion is found, it is necessary to diagnose cervical erosion, and cervical cancer screening can be performed at the same time.Therefore, in clinical work, the appropriate detection method should be selected according to different conditions, and you cannot do B -ultrasound for obstetrics and gynecology.If the patient’s erosion area is relatively small and the degree of erosion and infiltration is relatively mild, drug treatment can be selected.Drugs such as metronidazole, sulfa drugs, and amuirin can be used in affected areas to alleviate the disease.This is a commonly used treatment method, especially suitable for patients with large erosion area, erosion and infiltration deep, and the effect is very good.

In daily life, patients need to pay attention to vulvar hygiene to avoid genital tract infections, which may affect wound recovery after cervical erosion.It is not suitable for sexual life in the short term to avoid sexual life pressure and lead to poor neck wound healing.In life, you should also pay attention to avoid bathing in hot springs and bathtubs, which may make the liquid enter the vagina.In terms of diet, you should pay attention to increasing nutrition and can increase protein intake.The taste of diet should be light to avoid consumption of high oil, high fat, and high sugar to affect digestive food.If constipation is caused by improper diet, it will increase abdominal pressure during defecation, which may also affect the healing of the neck wound.

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