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Can you drink tea immediately after drinking coffee?

Drinking coffee usually cannot drink tea immediately.

Coffee and tea caffeine can promote central nervous nerves, sober the brain, cause insomnia, and increase physical strength and other uncomfortable feelings.Coffee and tea contains caffeine can promote central nervous nerves. If you drink at the same time, it will cause extreme excitement and even cause insomnia.Especially those who are fragile are more prone to insomnia.In addition, drinking a cup of coffee or drinking tea can also cause the abnormal excitement of the sympathetic nerves, leading to increased blood pressure, panic, and even the abnormal heart.Coffee and tea caffeine can stimulate acidic substances in the stomach.The occurrence of gastric acid can cause diseases such as gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers.

If you particularly like coffee or tea, you can drink it again every other time, and you should not have too much, otherwise it will have a bad impact on the body.

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