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Can you get pregnant?Quickly check this antibody

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The beginning of life must not be lack of sperm, but there are many “rivals” sperm. The husband and wife are healthy, but if they work hard for a year, they cannot harvest fertilized eggs for a year.

Sperm antibodies are born, and human immunity is “contributed”

There is no sperm in our normal human body, which is mainly due to the role of testicular barriers. It makes it impossible for sperm to reach other body parts easily through blood.

In this case, how does the sperm that only exists in male testicles enter the blood and cause sperm antibodies?

According to Tian Long, deputy chief physician of the urology department of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University, Tian Long, the deputy chief physician of the urology department of the urology department of the urology at the urology department of the Sperm antibody, is mainly blamed for the immunity of the human body. Sperm entering the blood will be called an antigen, which stimulates the body’s immunity to produce corresponding antibodies. This It is the origin of sperm antibodies.

Do you make it? Sperm antibodies are not unique to women

Director Tian Long pointed out that there may be sperm antibodies on men and women, but the root cause of their sperm antibodies is different:

Men: If there are some reasons such as inflammation or obstruction, there is a problem with the testicular barrier, which can make the sperm enter the blood, stimulate the human immune system, and produce sperm antibodies to kill the sperm of “running wrong”.

Women: In sexual life, men’s semen will enter the body of women. If the reproductive system is inflamed at this time, the sperm will have a “opportunity to take”. System, induces the generation of sperm antibodies. Once sperm antibodies are generated, they will start attacking sperm’s cell membrane, making them adhere to tie, and limited mobility.

How to prevent sperm antibody breeding? For male stars, you need to find the cause of the testicular barrier in time. When women, when there is inflammation, it is best to avoid sexual life, or use condoms, and do not give or give sperm a chance.

How to interpret the sperm antibody report to interpret the two indicators to grasp

After the corresponding sperm antibody examination is usually performed, the doctor will give a report. There are two main contents on it, one of which is called an immune condensed test, and the other is called an immune magnetic bead experiment. The two experimental methods represent different meanings.

The immune condensation experiment mainly uses the method of antigen antibody binding to detect. Only the human body can detect whether there are sperm antibodies. If the result is positive, it proves that the body has sperm antibodies.

Immun magnetic bead experiments are used to check the amount of sperm antibodies, with quantitative and semi -fixed quantity. If the result value exceeds 2, we can determine that sperm antibodies in the body can be determined.

However, the sperm antibody report is more professional. Many patients cannot judge themselves, or they will have errors. If they want to know the accurate results, they still have to go to a regular hospital for specialists.

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Combined with clinical perspective, although sperm antibodies can cause infertility, infertility is caused by many factors. Sperm antibodies are only one of the factor. We must not only pay attention to sperm antibodies, so as not to miss the signals of other important causes.

In general, sperm antibodies can be detected in both women and men. We must pay attention to avoiding infection in our usual life to avoid unnecessary harm. For the interpretation of sperm antibody reports, we still have to give it to the profession It is better to analyze it for you.


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