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Can you predict cancer if you look at your personality?If you are these four characters, you must pay attention

If you live for a lifetime, you want everything to be almost impossible. Instead, under this fast -paced and high -intensity action, our emotions are sometimes like a time bomb, and it will explode at all. I don’t know when it will erupt.

But the problem is that anger is useless, and those problems that exist have not been resolved. Instead, they are sick and may even induce cancer, which will be lost.

Is cancer related to anger?

Human emotions are like a spring. If the negative emotions reach a vertex and are out of control, it is like a spring that is broken and collapsed. It can no longer be repaired and affects the health of the body.

Can you predict cancer if you look at your personality?If you are these four characters, you must pay attention

The Beijing Cancer Research Institute tracked and surveyed 100 people with unrequited and sullen people.It was found that these people not only were prone to stomach cancer, but also had a significant relationship with the onset of other cancers.[1]

These depressed personality of these emotions and stuffy love, also known as “C -type character”.C is taken from the first first letter of the English word “Cancer Cancer”, indicating that this character is a sensitive personality of cancer.

Long -term accustomed to angry, which is a kind of damage to the human endocrine and immune system, and cancer will also come to the door over time.Angry can induce gastric cancer, because when people are angry, the blood in the stomach will decrease, and there is no appetite in the past long -term light, and the severe gastritis and gastric ulcers will be caused.

Angry people are prone to liver cancer, and there is a saying in Chinese medicine to hurt the liver.Frequent anger can lead to liver qi stagnation, and the chance of liver disease has greatly increased.Cancer, which is most closely related to anger, is breast cancer.

Wang Jiandong, chief physician and associate professor of the General Surgery of the People’s Liberation Army General Hospital, introduced that angry and unhappy often cause mental stimulation and cause stress reactions. When the response accumulates to a certain degree, physical and mental illness causes breast cancer.[2]

Can you predict cancer if you look at your personality?If you are these four characters, you must pay attention



These 4 people are easy to be stared at by cancer

In addition to love, specifically, there are four kinds of persons with high risk of cancer.

Deliberately endure

Some people encounter unpleasant things, or the people around them cause themselves unpleasant, and they will not vent, and they can bear it silently in their hearts.In fact, people who are accustomed to poor mood can kill the lymphocytes of cancer cells in the body significantly, so it is also more likely to suffer from cancer in the lymphatic system.


Tension and anxiety will also reduce the vitality of the immune cells that are responsible for and resist cancer cells in the immune system, which will cause the brain and nerve center system to be vulnerable to suppression and decreased disease resistance.It is easy to encounter diseases and induce various cancers.

Like lonely

For a long -term lonely person, due to the lack of communication with the crowd, the long -term depression of emotions is easier to feel sad and sad than ordinary people.Human is a social animal and can obtain emotional comfort through the communication of the group.

Especially women’s emotional decompositions over time may cause abnormal estrogen secretion and cause breast cancer.

It’s more annoying

Some people like to drill the horns and love, and the love is more true, so that the spirit is in a tight state for a long time, and the brain and the nervous system cannot be relaxed.This state will directly interfere with the normal function of endocrine and nerves, which increases the burden on the corresponding organs and is more likely to get liver cancer.


Can you predict cancer if you look at your personality?If you are these four characters, you must pay attention

Good mood can prevent cancer

He Yumin, a doctoral supervisor and professor at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that cancer can be prevented.The current recognized conclusion is that by improving a reasonable diet and lifestyle, enhancing their own psychological quality, it can prevent the occurrence of cancer, and even slow the split process of cancer cells.

Therefore, although bad psychology does not lead to direct cancer, it is one of the important causes of cancer.For those who like to hold qi in their hearts and carry it alone, it is better to try to find the right way to vent the pressure and dissatisfaction. You can find friends and family to chat, so that you will not feel uncomfortable.

Those who love to think about and have depression tend to cultivate a hobbies they like, can devote their emotions, and find an emotional sustenance, which will reduce emotional fluctuations.Think of everything and imagine in an optimistic direction can alleviate the pressure on daily work and family chores.

Can you predict cancer if you look at your personality?If you are these four characters, you must pay attention

Tension, worry, joy, sadness … people have a variety of emotions, positive emotions, and negative emotions.People who are often in negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, and sadness are more likely to have various diseases such as cancer.

Therefore, we must learn to regulate your emotions, appropriately relieve stress, and avoid being too tight.

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