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Cancer: Houttuynia cao extract may treat prostate cancer!Is Houttuynia crooked anti -cancer or carcinogen?

“Do you eat Houttuynia cordata? I brought a little bit from my hometown and eat the thief.”



“Don’t eat, don’t you think it has a strange smell? It is a smell of dead fish. And I heard that eating this kind of thing is not good for the kidney, it also contains carcinoma like aristolineYou still don’t eat it “

“How can it be? Our hometown often eats it. In traditional Chinese medicine, Houttuyniacop is still a medicine. It has a variety of anti -inflammatory and diuretic effects. My family has eaten it for so many years. There is no problem.Ah, I eat it myself “

Cancer: Houttuynia cao extract may treat prostate cancer!Is Houttuynia crooked anti -cancer or carcinogen?

Regarding Houttuynia Cao, evaluation has always been different, some people like it, and some people are very resistant, especially in recent years there are rumors of Houttuynia cumata doctrine. Is this kind of statement reliable?

1. Research found that Houttuynia cordata extract may be treated with prostate cancer

Houttuynia cordata, that is, the roots of the ears, believes that for most, it is difficult to resist.In traditional Chinese medicine, Houttuynia cordata is also a long -established medicinal plant. It is considered to have the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, swelling, sores, stomach, and diuretic dehumidification.

Recently, a study on a well -known global magazine Cancer has published a study of “Houttuynia crooata extract has anti -prostate cancer potential”.

The study pointed out that Houttuynia cao extract and EA, by activating the operation of camtonicropine, and lowering androgen receptor, can induce androgen sensitivity prostate cancer cells (LNCAP) and CRPC cells (PCAI1) apoptosis, Thus playing the role of anti -prostate cancer.

In the experiment of genetically modified rats of prostate glandular cancer model, this conclusion also confirmed that consumption of 1%Houttuynia cao extract — mixed feed can significantly reduce the incidence of prostate glandular cancer.

However, it should be noted that this research is cell experiments and animal experiments, and there are still many ones that are different from the actual situation of the human body, so everyone must know it correctly that it contains ingredients that can kill cancer cells.Essence

It is unrealistic if you want to rely on eating Houttuynia cordata to achieve the effect of cure, but you may face the risk of kidney injury.

Cancer: Houttuynia cao extract may treat prostate cancer!Is Houttuynia crooked anti -cancer or carcinogen?

Second, aristolin acid is confirmed to cause carcinogenic, can it still be eaten in houttuynia crooked?

For Houttuynia cordata enthusiasts, it may not be stopped as soon as they eat, but the cashier is iconic acid, and the carcinogenic effect of aristolochic acid has long been confirmed. Seeing this, many people have begun to tangledCan it still be eaten by Houttuynia Cao?

Let’s take a look at a study from Shanghai Jiaotong University first. The research uses mice as an experiment to inject the macular pelvic acid for it. As a result, it is found that the mouse does have liver cancer. The greater the injection amountThe faster the speed, the larger the area of the tumor.

In addition, the researchers immediately selected 62 Chinese liver cancer patients, which found that more than 1/4 of the patients had the history of aristolochic acid contact.It can be seen that the cordbenic acid is indeed strongly carcinogenic, which can significantly increase the incidence of liver cancer.

The way Chinese people take ingredients for aristolochic acid are mainly from Chinese herbal medicine.Many Chinese herbal medicines actually contain aristolochic acid.Among them, three traditional Chinese medicines containing aristolochic acid containing aristolochic acid containing omigonic acid, such as Guan Mutong, Guangfang Ji, and Aoki, were directly banned by the China State Drug Administration in 2003.

Cancer: Houttuynia cao extract may treat prostate cancer!Is Houttuynia crooked anti -cancer or carcinogen?

Does this mean that the cordypeh herbalus containing aristoline is also renal toxicity. Eating too much will cause cancer?In fact, this statement is not accurate.

Because Houttuynia cordata contains not aristolochic acid, but its metabolic product -aristurine lycamide, it has not been confirmed whether it can cause cancer.

In other words, Houttuynia cordata contains a horse ride, which may face the possibility of renal injuries after consumption. At the same time, it also has a certain relationship with the occurrence of cancer, but there is no exact carcinogenic evidence.

As for whether Houttuynia cordata can still eat this problem, it depends on how everyone thinks and whether it can accept this risk.

If you care about this risk, don’t eat it; if you want to pursue health effects and cure diseases, it is best not to consider it; if you like to eat it, you can accept this risk, you can eat a little occasionally.

Cancer: Houttuynia cao extract may treat prostate cancer!Is Houttuynia crooked anti -cancer or carcinogen?

Third, there are many wild vegetables in spring, but 3 kinds of wild vegetables often eat or hurt liver and kidney

In addition to Houttuynia cordata, in fact, some wild vegetables are delicious everyday, but if you eat too much, you may have the risk of hurting the liver and kidney. Everyone should be careful.

1. Red phoenix vegetables

There is evidence that this wild vegetable contains a substance called Picalisidine (PA), which has strong liver toxicity, which can cause certain damage to the liver after consumption.

2. Fresh daylily

This wild vegetables contain autumn water pythioplasm. After entering the human body, it can be oxidized into a strong toxic substance -two autumn waters. After consumption, food poisoning may cause food and liver and kidney function.

So it is best to eat less. If you must eat it, remember to remove the flower first before eating, rinse it with hot water, and drain it. This will be safer.

3. Raw bean horn

Generally, no one will choose to eat raw. After all, the taste of life is not good, but it cannot avoid some people who do not control the heat when cooking, and eat them without cooking.

In this case, a plant condensate called saponin may cause discomfort such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and headache.Therefore, when cooking beans, it must be cooked thoroughly to eat.

Cancer: Houttuynia cao extract may treat prostate cancer!Is Houttuynia crooked anti -cancer or carcinogen?

Summary: Some wild vegetables are really delicious, but at the same time there may be a certain health risk. ThereforeEssence

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