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“Cancer King” pancreatic cancer is difficult to find. If 5 symptoms appear in the body, it may be its knocking on the door.

Aunt Zhang was 71 years old. Since retiring, she has begun to persist in “vegetarian”.

Aunt Zhang always felt stomach pain before March, so she bought the medicine of “stomach disease” in the pharmacy. After taking it, she also seemed to feel a lot better.

However, Aunt Zhang’s stomach discomfort often occurs, and her body is getting thinner and thinner, so I went to the hospital for examination. It was found that the tumor indicator CA199 was high, and finally found a tumor at the tail of the pancreas, and liver metastasis occurred.

Aunt Zhang, who knows the situation, is like a thunderbolt on a sunny day. The daughters all think that Aunt Zhang has a long -term unhealthy diet and vegetarian.

As a “king of cancer”, the incidence rate has continued to increase in recent years. According to relevant data, the incidence and mortality rate of pancreatic cancer in my country continued to rise from 2020 to 2029, and the predictive incidence would increase by 15.92%, and the predictive mortality rate would increase by 15.86%.

At that time, the founder of Apple Jobs was also a vegetarian. In the end, he survived for 8 years. Not only was it reminiscent of whether pancreatic cancer and vegetarianism were connected?


First, is vegetarian anti -cancer or carcinogen?

Although vegetarian may be more healthy than tradition, and animal food -based diet, there is currently no evidence that the prime food is better than a balanced diet model (mainly plant food, and animal food supplemented). Anti -cancer effect.

A joint survey that spans 11 countries found that compared to the elderly who are more vegetarian, the main sources of food are eggs and meat. The elderly who consume higher protein have a longer life and lower risk of cancer.

Moreover, the results of the nutritional status of long -term vegetarians are not ideal. They may be more likely to have problems such as nutritional anemia, a variety of vitamins and inorganic elements, and the malnutrition of protein energy. Essence

Can vegetarian be more likely to get cancer? Dr. Liu Chuan from Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University mentioned that people who have long -term vegetarian people have insufficient protein intake. Animal experiments have shown that high protein foods can weaken the synthesis of nitrite of nitrite in the stomach, so the incidence of tumors may increase.

In addition, long -term vegetarian vitamins and riboflavin intakes are also prone to insufficient intake of vitamins and riboflavin. Lack of these two substances is not conducive to anti -cancer.

2. The accomplices of pancreatic cancer are actually these

At present, there is no evidence that vegetarianism is closely related to the occurrence of pancreatic cancer. The cause and pathogenesis of pancreatic cancer are not yet completely clear, but these habits are risk factor.

1. Smoking

Smoking is one of the most important risk factors that induce pancreatic cancer, which will significantly increase the risk of pancreatic cancer. Even if it is only exposed to smoke stimulation, it will increase the risk of pancreatic cancer.

2. Drink

If it is stimulated by alcohol for a long time, it will cause direct damage to the pancreatic tissue. Alcoholism will induce pancreatitis, and recurrent pancreatitis may cause cancer.

In addition, alcohol can be used as a solvent for carcinogens, helping carcinogens to invade the pancreas, not only damage the tissue, but also create conditions for the occurrence of pancreatic cancer.

3. High -fat, high -energy diet

Diet and pancreatic cancer also have a certain relationship. The World Cancer Research Foundation and the American Cancer Institute study the relationship between diet and pancreatic cancer. They believe that foods rich in red meat, high energy and high -fat foods may increase the risk of pancreatic cancer.

4. Ignore chronic diseases

Some benign diseases may also develop pancreatic cancer, such as chronic pancreatitis, especially chronic cubes of pancreatitis. There is also a close relationship between diabetes and pancreatic cancer, so patients with chronic pancreatitis and diabetes should pay attention to controlling the condition and regular screening.


Third, these 5 manifestations may be the footsteps of pancreatic cancer

The position of the pancreatic gland in the human body is an important organ hidden in the deepest part of the left upper abdomen. At present, the main means to treat pancreatic cancer are comprehensive treatment based on surgery. The only hope for patients with pancreatic cancer to achieve long -term surgery is surgical resection.

Pancreatic cancer is a very dangerous cancer, but it is difficult to be found, and it is easy to be misdiagnosed as diseases such as gastric disease and chronic cholecystitis. When pancreatic cancer comes, these symptoms often appear in the body:

·stomach ache

One of the most common symptoms of pancreatic cancer is abdominal pain, and abdominal pain relieved after the stool is different. Abdominal pain often has many forms. For example, when tumors compress the pancreatic duct and cause high pressure, the patient will have dull pain. When the tumor site is at the exit of the pancreatic bile duct, the patient will have a disadvantaged upper abdominal pain after the meal; When tumor compression or infiltration of the abdominal nerve fiber plexus, patients with severe night back pain will experience severe nights.


The most prominent symptom of pancreatic head cancer is painless jaundice, which accounts for about 30%. Jaundice may occur in early stage, but not as early as the symptoms. The color of the stool will gradually fade with the deepening of jaundice. The color of the color is getting yellow, and many patients also have symptoms of skin itching due to obstructive jaundice.

· Intermittent low heat

Most of the patients with pancreatic cancer will have different degrees of fever during the disease, usually intermittent low fever. If they are accompanied by biliary infection, high fever and chills may occur.

· Lightness and weakness

About 80%to 90%of patients with pancreatic cancer will develop symptoms and fatigue in the early stage, accompanied by weight loss, which is mainly related to lack of appetite, anxiety and tumor consumption. · Symptoms of digestive tract

Due to tumor blocking pancreatic ducts and the lower end of the bile duct, the pancreatic and bile cannot enter the duodenum intestine, so it is prone to indigestion symptoms. If the external secretion function of the pancreas is damaged, diarrhea can also be caused. In addition, tumors invaded the duodenal intestines in the late period, which easily caused digestive tract obstruction or bleeding.

If you want to diagnose pancreatic cancer in the early days, you can use these two methods:

1. Focus on detecting genes of susceptibility to susceptible people

Patients with high -risk relatives of pancreatic cancer and genetic syndrome -related patients with pancreatic cancer are the best genetic testing.

2. Detecting biomarkers

Biomarkers can help diagnose early pancreatic cancer. There is a specific antibody micromaneous test based on pancreatic cancer. It may determine the high-risk characteristics of pancreatic cancer by measuring eight serum biological markers and CA19-9.

Faced with the increasing incidence of pancreatic cancer, we must take positive measures to prevent it, such as paying attention to diet, avoiding smoking, drinking, and exercising appropriately.

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