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Cancer won’t be contagious?Not to scare you, 5 kinds of carcinogenic viruses and bacteria should be left as far as possible

There are many germs in nature that can be spread between people, so is the cancer cells that make us talk about infectious?

Cancer won't be contagious?Not to scare you, 5 kinds of carcinogenic viruses and bacteria should be left as far as possible

1. What about injection of cancer cells for others?American medical scientists did experiments

In 1951, humans achieved eternal life at the cell level for the first time, allowing a 31 -year -old cervical cancer patient to continue to proliferate and experiment in medical experiments around the world.American Oncology expert Cheset Susham found in mice experiments that injection of seala cells seemed to allow mice to suffer from cancer, so he had a bold idea. If the human body was injected, what would the result?IntersectionSo he started to act …

1. Inject cancer cells for cancer patients

In the name of new therapy, Chest found that the patient’s arm formed a cancer nodule within a few days after injection of the cancer patients. There are two types of nodules.Removal.After the resection, not all patients performed well, and the four patients recurred again and again after nodule removal.

At this point, the data obtained by the experiment can no longer meet Chest. He wants to understand the true contagion of cancer cells, so he extends “hands” to normal people.

Cancer won't be contagious?Not to scare you, 5 kinds of carcinogenic viruses and bacteria should be left as far as possible

2. Inject cancer cells for normal people

In 1956, he raised 150 prisoners in the prison in the name of the prison in the name of a medical examination and injected with Hilala cells.It was found that no cancer nodules and other adverse reactions appeared on their bodies after being transported by a normal person.In the following years, Chest’s experiments were still ongoing. He injected cancer cells in a total of more than 600 human body, of which cancer patients accounted for about 50%.

Soon time came to 1962, Chest was reported by three doctors by real -name, and the local medical dispute committee handled it -suspending the medical license for one year.I felt regret, but claimed that I lived more valuable than others.

It can be known by Chest’s experiments that injection of cancer cells to normal people does not allow the other party to get cancer. Why?

Second, why does it give others cancer cells, but it does not spread cancer?

Wang Donglin, director of the Department of Internal Medicine of the Cancer Hospital of Chongqing University, said that cancer needs to meet two conditions: cancer cells can enter a healthy human body to survive and grow.However, these two conditions are difficult to achieve, because the volume of cancer cells is very large, and it is difficult to enter the body through daily diet, breathing and contact. In addition, the human body has a strong immune function, which will react reaction. When the body appears in the body, it appears in the body.When an foreign “invader”, the immune system will quickly respond and kill it.

Why does cancer cells not spread on cancer, but cancer patients cannot donate organs?

Except for cornea, other organs of cancer patients cannot be donated, just to prevent “spread” cancer cells. Why?

In fact, after receiving organs donation, patients need to take medicine for long -term medication to reduce the activity of immune system in order not to exclude new organs. In this case, foreign cancer cells will “relax their vigilance” and make them easy to use.But this is not directly infected with cancer, but it is more indirectly promoted.

Cancer won't be contagious?Not to scare you, 5 kinds of carcinogenic viruses and bacteria should be left as far as possible

Although cancer does not cause direct infection, some factors that can induce cancer are infected, and pay more attention to prevention in daily life.

Third, focusing on: some carcinogenic factors will be “rumored”

Data released by “Liuye Knife · Global Health” show that 13%of the world’s cancer and 2.2 million people with cancer can be attributed to various infectious diseases.In the analysis, researchers found that the top five of the number of cancer were divided into other Helicobacter pylori, HPV virus, hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, and EB virus.

1. Helicobacter pylori

Infection of Helicobacter pylori can cause chronic inflammation in the stomach. If there is no timely intervention, the germs will continuously stimulate the stomach, resulting in the continuous existence of inflammation and difficulty in removing.After a long time, inflammation may occur irreversible, and it will even evolve into cancer.

Transmission pathway: mouth-mouth, dung-mouth

2. HPV

After infection with HPV virus, it can cause skin mucosal squamous epithelial proliferation, increasing the risk of uterine cancer.

Transmission pathway: It is mainly through sexual contact, and it can also be transmitted by contacting the clothing, daily necessities, etc. (provided that the skin is damaged, so that the virus can enter the cervical epithelial cells).

3. Hepatitis B virus

Hepatitis B virus will be replicated after the liver invades the liver. In the long run, normal hepatocytes will be destroyed in the past, which will easily cause liver cirrhosis nodules and hepatitis.In this case, the virus continues to harm the liver and easily evolve into cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Transmission pathway: blood transfusion, sexual behavior, and maternal and baby communication.

Cancer won't be contagious?Not to scare you, 5 kinds of carcinogenic viruses and bacteria should be left as far as possible

4. Hepatitis C virus

After infection with hepatitis C virus, patients often do not have discomfort, but the virus can quietly erode people’s health.The viral infection caused by hepatitis C can easily evolve into chronic, and it may develop liver cirrhosis and liver cancer later.

Transmission pathway: blood, sexual behavior, and maternal and infant communication.

5. EB disease

The EB virus is a lymphocytic virus belongs to the DNA tumor virus. After infection with the EB virus, about 90 % of the crowd is in a lifetime infection.However, the virus will be activated under certain conditions, and then the cancer occurs.

Transmission pathway: mouth-mouth, droplet transmission, blood transmission, etc.

In our lives, we must stay away from these factors that may cause cancer. When we find that the body is abnormal, we must seek medical treatment in time, and “stifle in the cradle” as soon as possible.Reference materials:

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