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Can’t be pregnant?It may be that these diseases stole your fertility

Some women have been pregnant for a long time but they are always unable to conceive. I wonder what the reason has affected conception? In fact, if some gynecological diseases are not treated in time, it may affect fertility. Are you recruiting?

1. vaginitis

All kinds of vulvar and vulvar inflammation may cause infertility! Vaginitis causes increased vaginitis secretions, which can affect sperm vitality and penetrating power. If vaginitis is not treated in time, infection can spread to the uterine and fallopian tubes, causing endometritis, fallopian tubeitis, etc. Combining and bed make it difficult for women to get pregnant.

Can't be pregnant?It may be that these diseases stole your fertility

2. Endometritis

Increased leucorrhea patients with endocarditis, the secretion contains a large number of cells. After entering the uterine cavity, sperm is affected by bacterial toxins and leukocytes. If you decrease, severe cases will cause infertility. In addition, after women suffer from endometritis, even if fertilized eggs are formed and in bed successfully, they may also cause fertilized eggs to be unstable and easily cause miscarriage under the influence of endometritis.

3. Endometriosis

Some gynecologists have pointed out that more than 40%of patients with endometriosis are accompanied by infertility. The endometrium of the abnormal level can change the environment in the pelvic cavity, which is not conducive to the combination of essence and eggs, and patients cannot get pregnant. In addition, the endometrium that grows at the same level may cause organ adhesions and tubal distortions, which cause problems such as ovulation, fertilized eggs, and fertilized egg transportation. Any problems in these links are difficult for patients to conceive.

Can't be pregnant?It may be that these diseases stole your fertility

4. Uterine fibroids

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Experts point out that the infertility rate of patients with uterine fibroids is about 30-40%, which is higher than that of general population infertility (10%). If the patient’s fibroids just block the cervix or the inner mouth of the fallopian tube, it will affect the sperm pass. If the fibroids occupy the part of the fertilized egg, the fertilized eggs cannot sit on the tire. Both situations will affect women’s conception.

5. Ovarian cyst

Ovarian cysts will destroy women’s endocrine balance, interfere with the normal secretion and ovulation of ovarian hormones, and even cause symptoms such as menopause, cervical bleeding, and hair, especially the rapidly growing and excessive ovarian cysts, which will affect the blood supply of the ovarian, blood circulation of blood circulation, blood circulation of blood circulation, blood circulation And ovulation causes infertility. If ovarian cysts are malignant lesions, it will also destroy most of the ovarian endometrium, make the ovarian effect lose balance, cannot ovulation, not only affect pregnancy, but also causes the surrounding endometrium to occlude, the fallopian tubes are not smooth, and even threatened life and health.

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