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Can’t save the wallet, but you can stay up late. Please check this skin care manual!

“Double Eleven” this year, are you (and your wallet), are you ready? Have you thought that this year’s Double Eleven is extraordinarily consumed … Since early October, various businesses have begun to release the double eleven activity mechanism and buy a formal dress for small samples. Full reduction, red envelopes, cashback. The complexity of the routine will only be more than last year … From 8 pm on the 10.20 in 2120, the battle number corner officially launched. Just Taobao’s two head anchors won the popularity of ten million levels, and tens of billions of billions, and tens of billions of billions. The transaction amount. And all this is just the beginning, and major platforms and brands have also begun to live broadcast. I don’t remember how many nights I have cooked in the live broadcast room, and finally lived up to expectations.

Double Eleven, in addition to the wallet that cannot be rescued, there is also face value and health that cannot be saved.

Stay up late

I just stayed up late last night and fell asleep after grabbing skin care products.

A very big acne emerging from the face the next morning gave him a crit! I am right that I am right.

Staying up late is afraid of the pain in the heart of the chopper party …

Acne is also known as acne in medicine. It is a chronic inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands of hair follicles. Although the pathogenesis has not been fully clarified, it is generally believed that acne is secreted by sebaceous glands in large quantities. Factors are caused by comprehensive effects.

Staying up late will increase the fat secreted by sebaceous glands and reduce immunity.

With fertile soil (horny, oil), lack of hair follicles such as acne pupar bacteria of natural enemies (immune systems and other beneficial bacteria) crazy on the skin, eventually led to the outbreak of acne.

What should I do for staying up late?

Law of the schedule -Since it is caused by staying up late, the first step is to avoid the cause. Good schedule is not only conducive to the recovery of acne.

Forbidden to squeeze, control your hands! ——The hand of your acne. Acne squeezing may destroy the hair follicle wall, spread the infection to the surrounding skin tissue, and aggravate the inflammatory response; leaving a deeper acne mark in the light, and the depression of the shrinking acne pits, even proliferative scars and scarring, etc. Essence

and! Do not squeeze the acne in the “Dangerous Triangle Area”, otherwise send yourself to the ICU in minutes.

Do a good job of cleaning -try to choose gentle cleansing, such as amino acids and APG cleansing, try not to choose stimulating soap -based cleansing. The number of times is suitable for 1 to 2 times a day, beware of excessive cleaning.

Do a good job of cleaning the dirt and oil on the surface of the skin. You can also take away the old horny of the skin metabolism in time to remove the breeding soil of acne propadic acid.

Choose acid -containing skin care products -according to the skin tolerance, you can choose acid skin care products containing suitable concentrations. For example, salicylic acid, fruit acid, etc. Acid products have reducing the stickiness of the corneal to form cells, accelerating epidermal cells falling off and updating, stimulating dermal collagen synthesis and tissue repair and mild anti -inflammatory effects, reducing acne skin lesions while improving skin texture, for light median acne and acne acne Supplementary treatment of later pigmentation.

Pay attention to diet -foods that are generally considered to be related to spicy stimuli, high oil content, and high protein content (different from person to person). Although there is currently not enough clinical evidence to prove that acne is related to food, but if you find that your acne and food have food, there is a food. Cause and effect, so try not to do this kind of food during the period of explosive beans.

Seek medical treatment in time -the acne caused by staying up late is usually gradually improved after the rules of schedule. If acne control is not good, please seek medical treatment in time, and professional clinicians to formulate standardized treatment plans.

Stay up late

The wallet is empty and can be filled again, but your hair that you lose will never come back again. The number of hair follicles of the human body is fixed and will only decrease and will not increase.

What? Do you still have hair transplantation?

NO, NO. Hair transplantation is just to dismantle the east wall to supplement the west wall (transplant the hair elsewhere to another). How can you make up for you without raw materials?

For your hair, I just want to say, and cherish it.

Staying up late is common in seborrheic hair loss (AGA). Agia occupies a decisive factor in the onset of AGA; other factors such as inflammation around the hair follicles, increasing stress of life, tension and anxiety, poor life and eating habits can increase the symptoms of AGA.

Long -term staying up late will cause endocrine level disorders in the body androgen levels.

Dark circles and dark circles caused by staying up late are also known as peripheral pigments and are clinically divided into 4 types. They are pigment, vascularity, structural type, and mixed type (the above three random combinations).

Pigment dark circles

It is mainly caused by increasing epidermal pigment and/or dermal pigment. It is identified by observation of the naked eye and Wood. (Picture source reference literature)

Vascular dark circles

Mainly consists of blood stasis around the eye or thin and transparent skin in the lower eyelids, making the lower blood vessels appear, and sometimes accompanied by edge edema.

You can observe whether the color of the eye week is faded and the color of the eye is roughly identified as the pigment type. (Picture source reference literature)

Structural dark circles

It is a shadow formed by the contour of the facial surface under the light. It can be accompanied by the bone structure caused by bags under the eyes, tear grooves, eyelid drooping or soft tissue. It can be judged by the naked eye, appears under the light, and the front light disappears. (Picture source reference literature)

The dark circles caused by staying up late are usually vascular dark circles. For a long time, the oxygen consumption of the blood vessels around the eyes will increase, the blood flow rate around the eyes is slow, and the hypoxic hemorrin increases. It is reflected in the skin surface of which is a blue -green dark circles. What to save you? My dark circles!

Sleeping early -the word schedule, the editor of the editor is tired!

Moderate massage -massage can promote blood circulation, but be careful not to excessively pull the skin around the eyes, otherwise the dark circles have not been sent away, but the eye lines are found.

Eye cream -Choosing a suitable eye cream based on the typing of your own dark circles can help improve the dark circles (except structure).

Professional treatment -for different types of dark circles of different types, professional treatment can be sought. For example, laser therapy, chemical exfoliation, nano -microclic needle therapy, surgery, autologous fat transplantation, etc.

Finally, the last day of Double Eleven! I wish you all buy your favorite products at the most cost -effective price, and you can win the free order!

However, please promise me, today is the last night you stayed in this year, okay?


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