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CAPIVASERTIB Unite Fushi and Fushi reduced the risk of disease progress or death risk of 40%of the advanced HR positive breast cancer

The detailed results of Capitello-291 III test show that patients with hormone receptor (HR) positive, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) are low-expression or negative local advanced or metastatic breast cancer patientsAfter the recurrence or progress after using or not using CDK4/6 inhibitors), the Capivasertib of Astrikon’s Capivasertib combined with Fushi (universal name: Flui Siqun), compared with the placebo with the placement of Flui Vezot,,, the placeboNo progressive survival (PFS) has statistically significant and clinical improvement.As a result, the recent 2022 San Antonio Breast Cancer Seminar (SABCS) was announced in the form of oral reports.

The results showed that among the overall trials, Capivasertib combined with fluoros group with the placebo with the placement of fluoros, the risk of disease progress or death was reduced by 40%(based on the risk ratio [HR] 0.60, 95%confident interval [CI] 0.51-0.71; P = <0.001; mid-bit PFS is July. February: 3. June).Among the crowds changed by the AKT pathway biomarkers, compared with the Flui Vedic group with the placements of Flui Vendia, Capivasertib, the risk of disease progress or death is reduced by 50%(HR 0.50, 95%CI 0.38-0.65; P= <0.001; the median is 7.3 months: 3.1 months).The change of the AKT pathway (PI3K/AKT/PTEN) often occurs in breast cancer, affecting patients with as many as 50%of patients with advanced breast cancer.

Dr. Nicholas Turner, a professor of molecular oncology at the London Cancer Institute and the Real Masden NHS Foundation, Dr. Nicholas Turner, the main chief researcher of Capitello-291, said: “These data show that CAPIVASERTIB is a new treatment choice for patients with late HR positive breast cancer.The potential of clinical practice. It is important that this potential first-in-class therapy shows that among patients who are still progressing to endocrine therapy and CDK4/6 inhibitors, it can delay the progress of the disease. “

Susan Galbraith, the head of R & D in the field of tumor treatment, said: “Capivasertib is the first similar therapy for patients with advanced HR positive, HER2 low expression or negative breast cancer in the phase III test.This area that has always been gapd in the treatment has brought about important progress. We believe that these results that show the effects of all patients and biomagonic people with positive people can reshape the treatment of HR positive breast cancer.New choice. “

In the overall test crowd, Capivasertib’s confirmation objective response (ORR) of the confirmation of the Flui Vedic group is 22.9%, while the placebo combined with the Fluori group group is 12.2%. Among the population changes in biomarkers, the ORR is 28.8, respectively.%And 9.7%.Although the total survival (OS) data is not mature during analysis, early data is encouraged.The test will continue to evaluate OS as a key secondary end point.

Capivasertib combined with fluorosyt therapy is similar to the test observed in the test of previous evaluation.Among the overall trials, 20%and above patients when using CAPIVASERTIB to combine Fluoris group are the most common adverse events (AES) in any level of diarrhea (72.4%), nausea (34.6%), and rash (including rashes (including rashes), Smoil, mobilization and itching rash; 38%), fatigue (20.8%) and vomiting (20.6%).5%or more patients with the most commonly occurred AE in the most common occurrence of diarrhea (9.3%) and rash (12.1%).

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