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Caring for men’s “men” addiction also to say

Data show that 14%of men in my country have sexual dysfunction or sexual psychological disorders, and more and more diseases are coming towards men quickly, and they continue to threaten men’s physical and mental health. This information comes from the “China Men’s Sexual Blessing Index Investigation Report” released in Beijing a few days ago.

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With the improvement of material living standards, the increasing competition in society, men seem to become more and more fragile, and the facts are the same. The survey shows that 47%of men feel stressful or mentally nervous during their work, and only 0.2%of men feel stressless; 68%of men often have anxiety, insomnia, dreams, fatigue, and fatigue. The incidence of men aged 20 to 50 is as high as 20-40%. Syndrome, hair loss, baldness and other symptoms.

However, the biggest problem is not the symptoms of unhealthy physiological tables. Men generally do not pay attention to health common sense, daily physical discomfort, etc. is the biggest problem. For health information, only 20%of people will take the initiative to understand. 30%of them have never asked. 47%of people only go to the doctor if they are serious. Zhang Jinzhong, deputy secretary of the party committee of Tianjin Medical University and chairman of the Chinese Society of Sexually Diseases, believes that the key is that our culture has some imprisonment in men’s body and mind, and male diseases are indeed unspeakable.

The survey showed that only 33%of people chose regular medical institutions for diagnosis and treatment after suffering fromrology. For face problems, up to 20%of people will go to the small clinic for treatment. 47%of people think that it is not a big problem without treatment or checking the information by themselves. Go to the pharmacy to buy medicine to treat it. This also makes men’s cure after illness in time. Among the male diseases they suffer, 23%of people suffer from prostatitis of varying degrees, 14%of people suffer from erectile dysfunction, 35%of people suffer from urinary infections, reproductive abnormalities, male infertility, and other reproductive diseases Essence In addition, 17%of people do not know what kind of male disease they have suffered from. 66%of people have concerns, thinking that male diseases affect the quality of family life.

In fact, the hidden pain of men cannot be cured. Studies from Mr. MichelleGollop from the University of Washington, USA show that male erectile impairment caused by diabetes can be cured through drugs and psychological factors. Experts emphasize that the way to maintain health and improve health is to properly perform physical exercise. But the reality is not optimistic. Only less than 1%of people will exercise once a week. People who exercise every day are very small. As high as 75%have no time to exercise, up to 50%of people have smoking, drinking, sitting for a long time. Ricky and staying up late, such as unfavorable health habits, more than 65%of people use computers for more than 8 hours a day.

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In the world, the average life expectancy of men is 2-3 years younger than women. Men are the pillars of society and families, and men’s health has also become a fashionable topic for the public. The industry proposes that in the future, we must not only enhance the new technologies and progress of domestic andrology ED diagnosis and treatment, but also strengthen the characteristic diagnosis and treatment concept of “green, safe” in various medical institutions, and let the whole society pay attention to the problem of male health.

In 2030, China’s population dividends will disappear, and the labor structure and population quality of society will change. Therefore, reproductive health related to men’s health has become a social demand. Faced with this development trend, shouldn’t the whole society pay more attention to men’s health, shouldn’t every family care more about men’s health?

(Intern editor: Li He)

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