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The returning face of the green face is tickling. The woman is actually a doctorate doctor reminded: the sunlight is gentle and the sun is gentle, don’t ignore the sunscreen

Spring is here, and the sunny and warm weather increases.When she went out, she returned from Qing, and the 28 -year -old Miss Yang was itchy on her face. ...

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J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract: Most children with allergies of pre -school age will develop into an allergic disease before adulthood

Allergic reactions will increase the risk of asthma and allergic rhinitis, but less research on the age of the beginning of allergic reactions on the beginning ...

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ENVIRON Res: City gray space is related to the increase in the increase in allergies of ordinary people

Air pollution can adversely affect the entire human life cycle, and it will also affect the infectious disease (that is, respiratory tract infection) and non ...

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Does allergic rhinitis during pregnancy affect the risk of postpartum depression?

Allergic rhinitis (AR) is a common disease that can affect human life.It is estimated that about 10%to 40%of people worldwide suffer from AR, including about ...

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In the summer, what should patients with allergic rhinitis pay attention to?

The suffering of allergies is not clear in three words, especially for patients with allergic rhinitis.Patients with allergic rhinitis are facing the risk of ...

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Allergic rhinitis, let you be highly autumn

As soon as autumn, the weather becomes very dry. The content of dust and pollen in the air is high. In addition, the cold air strikes and the haze comes, which ...

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Have rhinitis, “hard resistance”?4 response methods, otolaryngologists explain to you

"Sneeze! Aneng! Sneeze!" Whenever autumn, this sound of sneezing in the sky is endless. If you look closely, you find that they are often accompanied by ...

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