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Where does children’s cerebral tumor come from?

The research on the origin and development of cerebellar tumors is hindered by the complexity and heterogeneity of the complexity and heterogeneity of the ...

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More and more children suffer from leukemia. Two reasons are the culprit. Parents should pay attention to

"When I learned that my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia, I was so painful that I couldn't breathe." Xiao Liu's father was an authentic farmer who built a ...

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Be wary of “insects entering from the mouth”, 3 types of foods on the table, adults and children should be careful

What kind of experience is the belly filled with bugs? Betiliasis is called "insect cancer". It is not cancer, but it is as terrible as cancer. Worms can be ...

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Why are more and more children suffer from leukemia?Reminder: If your child has these 5 performances, please check in time

According to the data released by the "Survey Report on the Survival of Children in China", leukemia generally needs to be treated for 2-3 years, and the cost ...

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Why do children cancer high?In addition to genetic inheritance, these four “murderers” parents must also pay attention to

"The child is still so young, only 5 years old, how can it be cancer? Will it be misdiagnosis?" With her daughter Youyou's inspection report, Ms. Wang was at ...

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