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Causes of ovarian cysts

Causes of ovarian cysts include environmental factors, diet structure, acidification of body tissue fluid, and endocrine factors.

1. Environmental factors: some external factors, such as the unreasonable dietary structure, such as the patient’s long -term high cholesterol diet, in addition, there are women who lack vitamin A, C, E, long -term smoking, long -term contact with electricity, radiation, and radiation.These are closely related to female ovarian cysts.2. Diet structure: Some women lack long -term living habits, coupled with frequent psychological pressure, which leads to excessive acidification of their constitution, which leads to a decline in the overall function of women, and leads to the occurrence of adverse symptoms of kidney deficiency.Everyone knows the principle of homology of liver and kidney.Pathological kidney deficiency ovarian cysts can also lead to insufficient liver qi, which will slow down the metabolic cycle of the lower focus, causing some ovarian diseases and endocrine disorders, leading to a decline in female immune function.3. Acidification of body tissue liquid: If the human body wants to maintain health, it is very important to maintain a acidity and alkali balance.If women’s body cells are in acidic body fluids, they will cause the amount of dissolved oxygen in normal cells, which will cause cell activity to decrease, resulting in slower metabolic cycle.Once it is reduced to 65%of the normal value of the human body, normal cells will not survive at this time.4. Endocrine factors: This behavior of pregnancy actually has a protective effect on the ovaries, so women who do not have children have a higher probability of illness.In addition, if a woman’s first menstrual period is 12 years old or after 50 years old, it may be related to ovarian cysts.

Patients with ovarian cysts should pay attention to the combination of work and rest in their lives, and do not overwork.Avoid high tension and mental stimuli, maintain an optimistic and cheerful mood, calm mentality, enhance the body’s immunity, usually pay attention to keep warm and avoid colds.Strengthen physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, and expose the sun.Life law, avoid staying up late.Try not to eat foods such as greasy, greasy, moldy.

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