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Cervical cancer is mostly “dragged”, reminding: If there are 3 abnormalities in a woman’s body, seek medical treatment as soon as possible

23 years old, cervical cancer.It was the same age, but Xiao Liu’s life fell into the abyss.

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Xiao Liu is a salesperson with a tall figure and many pursuers.Since breaking up with the first love, the frustrated Xiao Liu chose “game life” and accepted the show of all boys. In just 3 years, he has talked about 10 boyfriends.

Not long ago, when Xiao Liu found out that he had a close relationship with his boyfriend, he bleed many times, and then realized that he was wrong and hurried to the hospital for examination.

Unexpectedly, this examination was already in the middle of cervical cancer, and the best treatment time was missed.In the future, it is long -term chemotherapy waiting for Xiao Liu, and never has fertility.

In the face of Xiao Liu’s experience, the doctor regrets and calls for cervical cancer, which may be related to some men’s actions, so you must pay attention to the health of private life.


First, the four behaviors of men, or the probability of increasing the wife’s suffering from cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is the second common malignant tumor for women.The reason why such a high incidence has found that male factor has also played a role in helping the flames.Please keep in mind and love to do 4 things. Women have higher risk of cervical cancer.

1. Love smoking

The research team of Peking University found that the longer the daily exposure of women who do not smoke are exposed to second -hand smoke and three -handed smoke, the higher the risk of cervical cancer.Data show that male smokers in my country account for about 47.2%, and women have suffered a huge illness due to passive smoking.

2. Don’t pay attention to cleaning and hygiene

Men’s foreskin and phimosis are too long and prone to foreskin. Bacteria and HPV viruses are hidden. It may not only induce foreskinitis and balanitis, but also stimulate women’s uterus and cause hidden dangers of diseases.

3. Do not want to wear a condom

Many people feel uncomfortable to wear a suit, so they choose not to wear a sleeve or wear a sleeve halfway, but these behaviors are very risky.If men carry HPV viruses, they are likely to infect the other half.Capsules are not just contraception, it is an important line of defense for blocking disease infections.

4. Multi -personal partners

The health of sexual life is also important, especially to avoid multi -sex partners.Studies have found that men have multiple personality partners, and their wives have 4 times higher risk of cervical cancer compared to 1 personality partner.

Second, cervical cancer “culprit”, do you know?

Cervical cancer is currently the only cancer that has been clearly defined, and almost all cervical cancer is caused by high -risk HPV virus.The HPV virus has a huge family and has been found 120 sub -types, about 20 types related to tumors.

Cervical cancer seriously threatens women’s health. Most of the high incidence of cervical cancer is 40-60 years old. However, the number of cervical cancer patients aged 15-44 in recent years has gradually increased, showing a trend of youth.

What causes the virus to take advantage of it?

First, the report from the National Family Planning Commission shows that the average age of the first sexual behavior of adolescents is 15.9 years.The main pathway of the HPV virus is sexual communication, so sexual behavior is proportional to the probability of HPV infection.Premature sexual behavior, at this time, women’s cervical immune function has not yet developed, and the risk of infection is high.And it may have more sexual partners, and the number of abortion has become more, which is a high risk of cervical cancer.

Second, poor living habits have led to a decline in immunity and increasing the risk of HPV infection.Generally speaking, it takes 15-20 years to develop cervical cancer after women infected with high-risk HPV, but if the infected person’s immune function is abnormal, this development time will be shortened to 5-10 years.

Third, HPV vaccines can effectively prevent cervical cancer and form long -term protection.However, the vaccination rate of women’s HPV in my country is less than 3%, so it is necessary for women who meet the age of vaccine to timely vaccination.

Fourth, the vaccine was vaccinated, but cervical cancer screening was ignored.Inoculation of HPV vaccine does not guarantee everything, and cervical cancer screening is also an important measure to prevent cervical cancer.At present, the coverage rate of women’s screening for appropriate age is low. The National Health and Health Commission pointed out that in 2025, the screening rate of cervical cancer in appropriate age will reach more than 50%.


Third, the cervical cancer from “dragging”, 3 abnormalities appear in the body

According to the WHO released data, in 2020, there were about 110,000 new cervical cancer cases in my country, and the number of deaths was about 59,000, becoming the world’s second largest cervical cancer burden country.

We know that the “culprit” of cervical cancer is the HPV virus. When people infected this virus, it can cause the skin and mucosa -like epithelium proliferation, which can be manifested as ordinary warts and genital warts.If high -risk HPV is continuously infected, cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, vulvar cancer, anal cancer, penile cancer, etc. may cause.

After the cunning HPV virus invasion, most of them will not show any abnormalities, which makes it difficult for patients to find it. When the patient notice is obviously uncomfortable, it may already be in the middle and late stages.

Xiao Miao reminded that if you find that there are 3 abnormalities, check in time.

Abnormal bleeding: Vaginal bleeding occurs after sexual life, gynecological examination, and defecation. It may also be manifested as extended menstrual period or shorter cycle, and more menstrual flow.Especially for the irregular bleeding after the menopause of the elderly, often the amount of bleeding is not much and irregular.Abnormal secretions: white or bloody vaginal discharge appears, manifested as water -like or rice -like, accompanied by smell.

Advanced symptoms: It can be manifested as systemic symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, constipation, anemia, and weight loss. When tumors compress the ureter, ureteral obstruction, pyelone accumulation and uremia may also cause ureteral obstruction.

Fourth, these three kinds of cervix are actually quite normal, don’t have to make a fuss.

After the physical examination, many women found that “abnormalities” appeared in the cervix, such as cervical hypertrophy, cervical erosion, cervical gland cysts, etc., scared to seek medical treatment immediately. In fact, these abnormalities do not have to worry too much.

Cervical hypertrophy: Under the stimulation of long -term inflammation of the cervix, congestion and hypertrophy occur. This is cervical hypertrophy.Generally speaking, maintaining private parts and healthy life can relieve symptoms.However, cervical hypertrophy sometimes exists with cervical cancer, so it is necessary to pay more attention to regular cervical screening.

Cervical gland cysts: This is a common cervical abnormality. It is mainly due to the ingrains of the ingotic epithelial cells that block the cervical gland’s opening. The cervical mucus that cannot be discharged is left in the glandular duct, so cysts are formed.Most of them are rice grains, and can grow up to the size of soybeans. If there is no discomfort, there is generally no surgery.

Cervical erosion: This mainly refers to the cylindrical epithelial cells on the inside of the cervix. These cells are potholes on the surface of these cells and are usually invisible.After women’s menstruation came to the tide, columnar epithelial cells developed under the influence of hormones, so it looked like “erosion”, which was not a serious disease.


Cervical cancer is highly harmful. It is recommended that women do a good job of prevention, that is, as early as possible, vaccination, regular screening, and lesions actively treat them to protect cervical health.


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