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Cervical erosion grows new meat pictures


Cervical erosion is a formal saying that the cervical cylindrical epithelium is different. It is a red zone with a single layer of cervical pipes on the outer mouth of the cervix and a fine granular shape. The naked eye looks like erosion.In fact, it is not true erosion and usually belongs to physiological, and usually has no other discomfort.


Cervical erosion grows new meat pictures

The cervical cylindrical epithelium is due to estrogen. The cylindrical epithelium in the cervical pipe moves to the cervical vulva. Due to the thin columnar epithelium, the lower part of the lower part of the naked eye is red, and it changes the appearance of erosion.


Cervical cylindrical epithelium is usually physiological and does not require any treatment.However, cervicitis with symptoms such as abnormal leucorrhea and sexual life bleeding can be treated with drugs such as Azithromycin and tetracycline.

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