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Cervical polyps are not clean after menstruation for a long time

Old menstruation is generally caused by placing intrauterine breeders, abnormal uterine bleeding, uterine fibroids, and uterine glands -like diseases.

1. Putting the intrauterine health device: Due to the stimulation of the endometrium to the endometrium, it can cause irregular vaginal bleeding.After menstruation, gradually recover.2. Abnormal uterine bleeding: such as irregular endometrium, local abnormalities in the uterine endometrial.It can be manifested as normal menstrual cycle, and excessive menstrual flow and extension of menstruation.3. Uterine fibroids: It is more common in larger muscle walls and submucosal fibroids. As the uterine cavity increases, the endometrium area increases.The contraction of the uterus will cause increased menstrual flow and prolong the period.Examination can touch the endometrium increase and surface -like protruding objects, combined with medical history, signs, and ultrasonic examinations to help diagnosis.4. Uterine glands of disease: It will also cause excessive menstrual flow, extended menstrual period, and can also increase dysmenorrhea.

It is recommended that patients pay attention to rest during menstruation and keep warm.

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